The key of SEO program website promotion

search engine rankings to enhance the effectiveness of the SEO project, in part, depends on the growth of the site’s external links. It’s probably not a secret for SEO. Search engine hope that the website can through their own continuous development, naturally get links from the outside. This link, the search engine gives a high voting weight.

most of the domestic web site administrators have the habit of switching links, or has been listed as one of the day-to-day operations of the site. It is because of the growing popularity of the exchange of links, search engines are gradually reducing the importance of these links.

only uses links to your site. For example: 38luna (

SEO who need to change one’s thinking, when building links, not just the pursuit of high weight, high PR value. There is also a need for a rational analysis of what links are needed or what we can afford. Do not pursue the best, the strongest, as long as the pursuit of the most appropriate.

reduce exchange link

in particular, the home page, by exchanging links to promote the growth of the site’s external links, in fact, is not a good strategy. Web sites can exchange links are always limited, if the site’s home page placed a lot of exchange links back, then the quality of the site is also declining. If it is serious, the search engine may be punished. Exchange link behavior has become very common, too many people rely on exchange links to enhance rankings. The search engine hope that the site can rely on high-quality content, natural external links to get the rankings, rather than artificial control link to enhance the ranking.

attaches importance to link management

search engine evaluation and selection of links, more and more important and stringent than ever. Therefore, the management of the site is also a link to the webmaster need to pay attention to one of the SEO work. For example, do not arbitrarily add delete links, link anchor text, link building process, including other details.

conclusion: search engine for the evaluation and selection of the link is becoming more and more complex, the problem of the link becomes particularly important. For a hope to be able to use SEO to help the long-term development of the project site, a good SEO link program, it should be said to be crucial.

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