CNNC to create three insurance escort CN domain name

along with the implementation of a single CN domain name national experience activities and the national domain name takeoff plan and the rapid spread of heat in the country, CN domain name registration rose rapidly.

CNNIC director Mao Wei said that the rapid growth of the CN domain name registration, on the one hand reflects the government attaches great importance to the national top-level domain, as the national strategic resources; on the other hand, because of broken network crisis, domain users for the safety performance of top-level domain name recognition is more and more clear, more and more enterprises on the Internet from COM begin to switch to the CN domain name. CNNIC announced the domain name service quality report shows that, despite the rapid growth of CN domain name, but the CN domain name resolution response rate has remained at 100%.

is not difficult to see that the safety factor is a major driver of national domain CN development, and CNNIC for the maintenance of Chinese domain name system running and set up three insurance, has become the national domain name CN escort off background security most solid.

first insurance: to protect the central nervous flow

at the end of 2006, the "broken network" crisis still let users remember, because many strong earthquakes in southern Taiwan, killing at least 6 international submarine communications cable fault, resulting in domestic access to foreign DNS interrupt.


small domain name on the Internet to set off a great disturbance? Why are some of the cables broken so badly? One of the key issues is that domain name analysis is interrupted.


assistant director Liu Zhijiang made a vivid metaphor for reporters, if the Internet compared to a person, so all kinds of websites and network applications like human skin and muscle, data communication lines and hardware equipment is the human skeleton, while the domain name system is better than the human central nervous system. It is not difficult to understand the failure of individual sites or data communication lines can only have a local impact, and the domain name system failure caused by the domain name analysis of the interruption will lead to the paralysis of the entire internet. Therefore, the submarine optical fiber cable is due to the Internet COM domain name analysis of the path of spinal fractures indirectly affect the central nervous system, causing a large area of the Internet paralysis.

and CNNIC is the CN domain name system, which is the management of the central nervous system maintainer. China can not be a day without the Internet, the Internet can not be a day without CNNIC, the reporter visited the room after the CNNIC issued such a feeling. In the control room of CNNIC, the electronic screen in seconds beating figures is very striking, the distribution in the top 5 nodes the DNS covering almost all of southern and Northern Telecom operators, DNS 24 hours uninterrupted security Chinese Internet application steady implementation, located at each node on the server time in response to a landing site for users. Maintenance of the central nervous system for the smooth operation of China’s domain name system of the first "insurance"".


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