The survival of enterprises in nternet environment.

the rapid development of the Internet, to achieve the optimal allocation of resources, but in order to bring convenience to consumers at the same time, the enterprise is a double-edged sword. Exposing their own problems, misleading public opinion, vicious competition between peers, the three major challenges facing the modern Internet companies.

first, their own problems exposed.

is now the major electricity supplier platform, whether it is the industry giant or a new dark horse, in the 3· 15 consumer rights day comes, are facing a huge reputation pressure. For electricity supplier companies, consumers are most concerned about the authenticity of goods. Then, as the industry benchmark for,, Amazon and other Jingdong, many large enterprises in the past year but frequently broke fake scandal.

has claimed that the "100% genuine sale" of, but because the fake problem has been questioned. According to network data statistics, in all the relevant media reports involving, up to 70.9% of the content are negative information, which accounted for the vast majority of fake issues. In 2015, experienced a number of selling fake storm, clothing, jewelry, watches and other related products, even in anniversary activities openly selling fake Moutai. Quality control is lax, and business communication is not smooth, long time to deal with the problem, the lack of security mechanisms, is the evaluation of many users of With the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, more and more problems will be exposed in front of consumers.


second, misleading public opinion.

Internet accelerated the spread of public opinion, easily lead to some malicious public opinion guidance. Influence of social commentary behavior using the Internet "is especially common in the service industry. Recently, a popular restaurant in Washington, DC, found that at the peak of the meal, the number of his customers fell by 75%, the business continued to slump on the verge of collapse. Until one day, the manager Rene · wave (Rene Bertagna); tagnum accidentally open Google map, they found the restaurant information has been tampered with, wrongly labeled as not open on Monday. In addition, some restaurant review site, malicious evaluation of food unpalatable, poor service attitude. These false information actually comes from another restaurant, their long-term competitors.


in the Internet era, a trifle by strong public opinion, will spread out with unimaginable speed, which not only affect the normal operation of the enterprise itself, but also to the healthy and stable business environment with the effects can not be ignored. Consumers increasingly dependent on the impact of public opinion, resulting in a lot of lawless elements through social circles to malicious slander competitors.

third, network attack.

emerging cross-border electricity supplier platform ah Ah sea purchase, since last year

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