A double eleven hand chop party this vigilance five traps!

[Abstract] some businesses by double eleven banner banner, in fact, even more expensive than the original price.


Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on November 10th

major business platform in the double eleven during the awesome promotion can really bring a lot of benefits to consumers, but there are many people Zaoxin thing, such as false propaganda, the first price and then the price, customer service service suck, no complaints and quality problems.

trap one: false brush and comment

consumers in online shopping, will often be "popularity" and "selling products", "explosion", "the whole network sales in the first" words to attract, and the sales of these products and favorable rate is often higher than other similar products.

but not all goods are genuine goods at a fair price as described. It can be said that the brush on the Taobao is not a secret, almost everyone has the experience of online shopping are on the way to obtain credit fraud means to understand. The so-called scalping, is a businessman to pay people pretend to customers, empty short selling, in order to improve the store’s ranking and sales, sales and praise to attract customers to buy.

Tencent technology had found that in the ecological industry chain on the breeding of a large number of brush ants". They organized, rigorous training, understand all the loopholes Ali brush system, sales and evaluation which makes them a believable brush.

and these businesses to buy a single brush business, the cost will eventually be grafted onto the head of the consumer, which may be the root cause of the proliferation of fake Taobao system.

in the fight brush unilaterally, Ali is spared no effort.

earlier this year, Shen Tong company issued a "notice" on the prohibition of accepting the Taobao Tmall platform sellers letter express documents on speculation, no real will be defined as empty parcel express letter in scrambled file, and the provisions of distribution outlets banned collecting undertakes fried letter to express". And made it clear that where the acceptance of the letter to express letter, resulting in Taobao, Tmall platform to shut down the business in the region, the company will be responsible for the unit punishment 5 – 500 thousand yuan, the circumstances are serious to cancel the operating qualification.

Taobao insiders told the Tencent said, Taobao in order to prevent scalping and courier companies reached an agreement, perhaps in the future there will be more express prohibition of speculation Express News letter.

trap two: induce a fake red link to share

with double eleven approaching, many social networking software began to pop a red link, such as "Tmall wallet to your" double eleven "cash red package", "notes 30 to 200 yuan in cash, gold and silver, the users have no slow hand!" after opening the link, will be prompted to get 58 yuan Alipay cash, but need to be forwarded to the other group to cash, and according to the request, but did not mention the success.

these red

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