A5 the first phase of business public lecture – the secret behind the explosion

A5 webmaster network launched the first phase of the Taobao Tmall business public lecture, the first phase of the lecture content for the explosion behind the secret.

is mainly to explain how the shop explosion is created, to create the method of blasting method, etc..

a, the lecture registration object and method:

registration object: Taobao Tmall merchants (non businesses banned)

YY channel number: 63002 A5 webmaster network Taobao business public lecture

quota: 200

– A5 business application thread join the exchange group, plus group note business shop name, looking for the river (QQ:836002635) registration — the group sent entry password

A5 merchant exchange group: 246240358

two, lecture arrangement:

lecture time: November 20, 2013 at 8

19:50 please enter on time,


three, lecturer introduction

Wu Aotian, Shandong Heze people, electronic business operations director, founder of network technology company founder, founder of the brand founder. Because take management have their own management practices, so it is called "iron fist management". Served as APPLE China’s e-commerce operations manager.

80 entrepreneurs, in the face of e-commerce industry brand demand, founded in 2013, founder of the brand, many years of experience in electronic commerce, has its own unique enterprise management concept and the concept of customer to win customers praise, consistent leadership. He put forward the "e-commerce is just a turning point in the industry," the concept of customer demand as the premise of the real-time workflow, to win customers, to win their own!

entered the China Electronic Commerce Association (CIECA) in 2010

2011 has been invited to the U.S. e-commerce industry exchange (USA Electronic Commerce Association)

in 2011 was invited to Taobao lecturer, responsible for the operation and promotion of advanced training and get the unanimous recognition and praise of enterprises and customers!

2012 as a well-known director of operations in Guangzhou limited

was founded in 2013 and founder of the brand, the company responsible for the team by many domestic and foreign brands of LOGO registration, training of electronic commerce industry, generation and other business operations. Recognized and welcomed by the experts.

if you have any other questions about the lecture, consult A5 Creek: 836002635

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