A5 business service department at the end of the feedback –2014 calendar for free

suddenly came to the end of 2013, in the past year, maybe we want, maybe we bid farewell to a single, maybe we harvest the barrels of gold and silver, perhaps we in Amoy road harvest experience, in short, thanks to 2013, let us grow up.

thank you for our A5 business services, A5 station network, A5 transactions, or for each of our webmaster support this year, A5 business service department in order to thank you sincerely, hereby solemnly to say: Thank you! No, maybe we are still afraid of rolling down; without you maybe we can get today, so the result; without you, maybe our growth speed is not so fast; thank you A5, because your company is more wonderful!!! Thank you earnestly teacher, thank the selfless dedication of the net friend, thank all the way with our guest, thanks for the support and support of all the people our

!At the same time this year

feedback activities special thanks to all businesses to support leelan flagship store, Liebo clothing, footwear Lies Dan flagship store flagship store, flagship store, water week Qiai net, in meters flagship stores, flagship store, the Arctic golden Penguin starry a group (no particularorder), at the same time thank you for supporting our other businesses A5.

in order to thank you for the support and attention of the A5 platform has been, A5 electricity supplier service department held special feedback activities.

feedback gift:

calendar 2014, mouse pad, pen type and other gifts, gifts of random, maybe a surprise Oh

application time:

now in January 20th –2014, a limited number of first come first served


1, reply to the thread, if you apply for the calendar, please show similar to "apply for" keyword

in reply

2 replies are as follows: (all information must be true and false, invalid)



address: (please write down the address in detail, convenient for us to express)

Q Q:


3, this event is the end of the A5 feedback activities, courier and other related costs borne by A5, Tao guest without spending a penny

4, distribution range: A5, Amoy webmasters to promote, and some guest related lectures and other members of

5, posts have been set back only visible, will not reveal the information of everyone

6, you can send the details to the A5 River (QQ:836002635 station or private letter) for

we send a gift, passing is a warm and blessing. Li >