Money in Alipay can have benefits

is not the interest but the interest is much higher interest rates can also be used to spend hundreds of pieces of pocket money can also money money


"in the" Alipay money really can have benefits. In June 5th, a leading third party payment platform Alipay confirmed is to create a new balance of value-added services. This service initially named "the balance of treasure". Through the balance of treasure, users can buy Monetary Fund and other financial products directly on the Alipay website, get a relatively high income, while the balance of treasure funds but also at any time for online shopping, Alipay transfers and other payment. This means that through the balance of treasure, the user’s funds can be used for consumption and other expenses at any time, but also the time money begets money, access to high value-added. It is reported that this is called the balance of financial artifact service is expected in June officially launched.

can not only high-yield financial consumption at any time

some scattered funds, but because may be used at any time, such as online shopping, it can only be so placed, all kinds of financial products, deposit that can get higher yields are never missed with yourself. In life, most people may have to face such a dilemma. The emergence of the balance of treasure for pocket money provides a good way to increase financial value. Alipay said, the balance of treasure service is actually the fund direct sales system built into Alipay website, users to transfer funds to the balance of treasure, Alipay and fund companies through the docking system will stop for the user to complete the purchase of the fund, the fund accounts, and if users choose to use the balance of treasure. The funds to pay for shopping, is the equivalent of redemption monetary fund. The whole process with Alipay to recharge, withdrawals or payment as simple. It is reported that the first phase of the balance of treasure will support Celestica increasedliberty monetary fund. The IMF is Celestica fund to adapt to the needs of the Internet, Alipay users tailored a fund products. Monetary fund generally used for investment in treasury bonds, bank deposits and other safe, stable income financial instruments, the current domestic monetary fund expected annualized rate of return is generally in 3% to 4%, while the deposit income is only about 0.35% years. In simple terms, the same ten thousand yuan, through the current deposit income of only one year, only $35, and if the expected return through the balance of treasure year can reach 300 yuan to about $400, revenue is nearly ten times higher than the current. Compared with the general "money" of the financial services, is the balance of treasure more advantages, it can not only provide high income, also the full support of online shopping consumption, Alipay transfers almost all Alipay function, which means the funds on the one hand, the balance of treasure and keep increasing in value, on the other hand can also be used for consumption at any time. Alipay said that Alipay on the balance of treasure also provides full compensation for the stolen security, to ensure that users of funds no danger of anything going wrong.

balance treasure income is not the interest of money can also be money money is expected to become a young people financial enlightenment products

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