Huajing network how do not marketing new micro business era

is a popular mobile Internet, the next wave of trend is undoubtedly the mobile PC business. However, who will carry the electricity supplier of mobile media WeChat, micro-blog or mobile browser…… Is considered to be the derivative of pyramid selling, sell fake, fake mask, pushed up in the teeth of the storm. Micro business, but also whether it can get out of the woods, out of the big bubble, not into MLM it?



first look at micro-blog, it also across PC and mobile terminal, so it can be regarded as a platform for mobile providers, there are large ones at the top selling fruit, liquor, sell chili oil, there are many large fans as the basis, even if unable to quantify the conversion rate, or eventually sell the goods, in fact earlier, a domestic mobile phone business to micro-blog by fans, and successfully, then it is asserted that social media for sell models.

mobile browser as an entrance, but also some mobile providers valued, about two years ago I interviewed the sale of treasure, the person told me that they each year in the mobile terminal UC, QQ browser to buy entrance do promotion, the idea and the PC side electricity supplier in the same computer page, many link icon is hao123 entrance.


is a new platform, when people found in more and more friends, clothes, cosmetics brush mask person, the social tool has more than one function: business, and therefore, the world has a name: "micro business". Due to low barriers to entry, along with the influx of all kinds of people, the most obvious is that in 2013, WeChat with the opening of the payment function, 2014 WeChat circle of friends of the mask in vogue, problems have also exposed channels, suspected pyramid schemes, rampant fakes, or even poisonous mask, so that this form has been criticized by derivative. But Descartes said that the existence of a reasonable, put aside the bubble, micro business whether there is no commercial value?

Taobao traffic rules to allow the development of micro business

back to the origin of micro business development, in 2011, a group of Taobao’s overseas purchasing seller found this auspicious treasure house, at that time, WeChat can also link Taobao store, WeChat on the business can be described as zero cost promotion, communication facilities, you can also send the map for promotion.

is the emergence of small sellers looking for WeChat as a marketing platform, and the Alibaba to develop traffic rules, to today, we examine the traffic rules, found that the majority of small sellers destined to accompany the big sellers to play, the most obvious example is the 2014 double eleven day, a day to make 57 billion 100 million of sales, with zero transaction most of the seller is small.

According to the monitoring data of

Chinese e-commerce research center, Taobao Ali now all shop sellers about 9 million 500 thousand, of which about 3000000 online sellers outage, bankruptcy or not update, the rest of the shop more than 80% are at a loss (loss: refers to the investment cost for sales), also.

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