Taobao new regulations to prohibit the sale of sperm placenta and offenders subtract 48 points

news release December 24th, banned goods management specification change notice Taobao before the new rules ban on human genetic resource materials, provision of eggs and sperm, embryos can not be sold, offenders will be deducted 48 points. Specification requirements, specific circumstances change after the data of human genetic resources — Specification there are three main categories, including but not limited to: first, sperm and eggs, fertilized eggs and embryos; two, the human genome, genes, tissues and cells, such as human placenta; three, human placenta made food. Illegal businesses will be deducted twelve or forty-eight points, the content will come into effect in December 29, 2015.

Taobao new regulations to prohibit the sale of sperm

Specification for commodity management of Taobao lock

before this, only human organs, body category requirements, including but not limited to the human placenta, liver, kidney, cornea and body etc..

According to

billion state power network to understand, in July this year, Taobao has a medical institution jointly launch a "concentrated" sperm selling activities, donors can get three thousand yuan to five thousand yuan reward, the activity is 3 days more than 20 thousand applicants.

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