Western nternet Summit cum XtoX universal conference successfully held

in 2009, when the global economy is in crisis, survival pressure is more and more traditional enterprises, have to have a lower cost again tightening, while the Internet seems to be a pure land, has the advantage of richly endowed by nature of the financial crisis in 1997, let the Internet have a qualitative leap, 2009, how to grasp the crisis the opportunity to realize the development of the Internet business, the Internet to promote industrial upgrading, make the Internet technology to save the world economy. Today by the Chengdu changehope network technology limited company to undertake the Western Internet Summit and the XtoX conference will be held successfully master station, we made a lot of valuable each one airs his own views and suggestions, most people’s eyes is easy, to bring us a XTOX master station system, the subversion of the traditional construction model of saving time and money cost, let the enterprise through a one-stop intelligent website, open a new channel of enterprise marketing, allow enterprises to make money online more easily.


April 3, 2009, a much anticipated day, XTOX universal station through more than 2 years of planning, research and development, today finally meet with the world, XTOX universal is the establishment of 2009’s most anticipated a station platform, XTOX universal station by Sichuan Power Electronic Commerce Association and the Chengdu high tech Zone height of the Internet society and certainly recommend at the summit.

in addition, the conference and XtoX products also received the majority of well-known enterprises, organizations and owners congratulations and praise, such as 53KF, total station, Wang Lou net wealth through video director Huang congratulations, congratulations Guo Jijun, love scene gathered. Zhengxia, China Witkey technology Ni Zhou Yu Shao Chen, thick hemp and share.

conference involving the Internet industry company, university teacher, manager of investment institutions; the traditional enterprise responsible person; there is growing personal webmaster team of more than 200 people, the All seats are occupied. The summit has brought us not only a core competitiveness of the product, but also to us, give us a new opportunity for everyone to find a way to fight the Internet winter.

also celebrated in this happy moment, easy to develop and cool the Chongqing science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Dalang Technology Co. Ltd. and other Internet companies on-site agency cooperation signing.

as a local technology company in Chengdu, easy to think not only through the development of products to create their own core competitiveness, or corporate social responsibility leader. Today let us witness a powerful product is how to be pushed to the Internet in winter. As the saying goes, winter comes, can spring be far behind!

would like to thank the organizer of this activity: E-Commerce Association of Sichuan Province, and on the activities of support units: Chengdu Internet association, stationmaster net, Tencent caifutong, TechWeb, IT > tea

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