College students into the nternet for two years experience

these days have been busy analysis of the website information, a few days ago I to tell you some of my experiences as a student two years into the Internet, today is to tell me is how the operation of the second site, the first site can be said to be completely failed, I created second on site the operation based on the first site, here to share my website to create second things and experiences.

second website smoothly in the domain name registration, I chose a well-known domain name registrar, then register a domain name, at this point only 10 a few minutes to fix a domain name, but in the choice of virtual host encountered difficulties, I talked about the virtual host my first website in the previous article is to buy Taobao, then the virtual host bring me a very big trouble, the site often isn’t open, then the virtual host in second sites I under a relatively large effort.

1, I first learned some space operators relatively large, finally learned can be purchased in the west, the Internet, network and so on, I see online said the manufacturers of high quality virtual host.

2, after I understand these manufacturers in the currency of three, found that these manufacturers host is really expensive, but there is no way, had the first second sad, I can only make under the original capital, a host I spent almost a month’s living expenses, the students still borrow 200 yuan, finally successful buy.

3, bought after I went to resolve the domain name to the host, the process is very smooth, only a few minutes to get it, the feeling of the establishment of the second site process is relatively good.

tip: the establishment of the three processes of domain name, host, analytical site I are relatively smooth, I suggest you here in the domain name registration is best to go to the well-known institutions registered, which can guarantee the ownership of the domain name, I saw some of the domain name registration business domain change of ownership on the Internet, so have you worked so hard to do may lead to become someone else’s wedding website. The second point is to choose a virtual host is best not to go to Taobao, I think the price of Taobao things is a discount, but some of the quality of flattery.

in the analysis of the domain name to the host, I have conducted the next step, because the host is on the network to buy, must carry on the record, I host a Hongkong host, no record, the record is the first time for me, so I went on the Internet search for knowledge about and after some understanding, I noticed several key points:

1, the information provided by the record must be true, I learned that a lot of false filing information provided, either through the record, however, or is deleted after the record.

2, the site must be under domestic laws and regulations, have something to do with edge ball website I suggest or not to waste their record, "

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