Foreign media evaluation of the current situation of China’s electricity supplier logistics profound

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foreign media reports, according to the Armstrong & international logistics consultancy; Associates statistics show that the current global logistics market value of about $9 trillion, while the mainland market China accounted for $2 trillion and 200 billion per share. In this one, the value of $43 billion 500 million in the courier industry is the fastest growing part of the compound annual growth rate of this area even more than 30%.

therefore, in the low cost of courier to win more and more consumers at the same time, many investors have begun to express interest in China’s express industry.

China electricity supplier logistics status

Clark, chairman of

international consulting firm BDA – (Duncan Clark), said: "to some extent, Chinese consumers can be said to be spoiled. Because of the low cost of express delivery, Chinese consumers prefer shopping online than in the United States and europe."

Duncan said, the current average China express fee is only $1.9 (about 13 yuan), while the average American express fee is as high as $5-10 (about RMB 35-69). Therefore, consumers buy half a dozen Chinese in Pullover and then by express form returned five have no worries. At the same time, the street of the courier bicycle parked on the side of the road in the phenomenon of sorting parcels is everywhere.

, however, such a scenario may soon disappear from the Chinese logistics industry.


China logistics and transportation industry leader John Song said: "the change of Chinese logistics industry is very fast, there have been many self proclaimed" science and technology enterprises in the logistics system, including IT data, UAV delivery, automatic driving and the last mile distribution has invested huge amounts of money."

, one of the most typical example is perhaps a rookie network. Moreover, China’s electricity supplier giant Alibaba holds 47% of the shares rookie.


with the self built logistics system of the Amazon, Jingdong and other companies, the rookie network through a combination of dozens of Chinese large courier companies (including SF group, Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, rhyme, Zhaijisong, Huitong etc.) to create a full radiation Chinese logistics layout, and through the data platform to help express fast implementation of more efficient distribution. The company’s ultimate goal is to allow all regions of China to achieve delivery within 24 hours, and so far, there are already 70% of the express package running on the rookie platform.

BDA chairman Clark Duncan noted that the emergence of rookie network is actually the same as the Bank of America for the national post office in the middle of the nineteenth Century, inefficient way with its private parcel service is exactly the same. Rookie network CTO Wang Wenbin said that even if the upgrade of our IT system, Chinese express companies are still far behind the UPS and FedEx this

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