28 prospective business electricity supplier on the road of China’s agricultural products electronic

in recent years, government attaches great importance to the "three rural issues" determines the rapid development of China’s agricultural products, since China’s accession to the WTO industrial production gradually and international standards from the current situation, although encounter many problems, but the overall development is good, but the development of agricultural products is very slow, chase reasons are also many agricultural products, seasonal, regional, standardization and so on are difficult to integrate agricultural products in China and international has brought great convenience, China is a large agricultural country the development of e-commerce of agricultural products as soon as possible and international interest in contemporary power future generations of


there are two main problems in the development of agricultural products in China:

is a lack of information, blindly follow the trend, which is from the price and the growth of some crops to speculation profiteering can see it.

two is a single agricultural means of trade, trade market management is not standardized.

from the two bottleneck view agricultural products e-commerce is a good development, only to let the farmers understand the electronic commerce for the benefit, in order to better promote the development of new things, after all, the farmers conservative in China is more serious, the work depends on the efforts of the government, have interested friends can take a look at the "northern town of thousands of farmers to open shop is expected this year, sales of 300 million yuan".

on the following aspects from different aspects of how to think of the development of e-commerce of agricultural products.


1, agricultural products: we all know that in addition to the tropical and subtropical seasons. What planting and some special place for planting some local plants, different seasons and different areas is the planting of different crops, so as to the development of e-commerce provides more flexibility in crops. Crop product variety we would not like other products, such as electronic products such as creating a single product brand, we want to build a regional brand, my hometown is the hometown of Neiqiu County, the farmers can work together to create a big brand of Neiqiu products.


2 agricultural products: different crop production in different areas, which is conducive to the development of online sales, we all know that the information asymmetry gives birth to many Internet products, as long as the ground can sell stuff to sell on the Internet, although thousands of kinds of products online, rather than in reality the transaction is pitiful, unique products in different regions can reasonable use of the rapid development of the. I am now living in Qinhuangdao, we all know that Qinhuangdao is a rely on the tourism industry of the city, and there are many specialties, such as the Changli meat stew son, the Great Wall Wine (in fact, grape or Changli good.) these are the development of electronic commerce, it seems there is no one who wants to do it quickly.


3 agricultural products information spirituality: people in a region is very difficult to know another area of crop production, so far to the monks chanting, which is a bottleneck of the development, if the establishment of different regions of the crop price consulting website, timely communication.

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