Online shopping consumers are not being screened in response to the assessment of Taobao said no kno

[IT Business News Roundup] (reporter Zhang Rui) credit rating system so that sellers love and hate. Because this system can bring to the seller Everfount customers, possibly because of a bad review or comment and make the seller work not completed.

according to the Beijing Daily reported that consumers have questioned the part of network, the difference in assessment of delaying, shielding etc. keywords desalination. The day before, China according to voice of "news" reported that "consumers buy goods in after giving the" comments ", but after more than 48 hours still can not take effect, not displayed on the page. In accordance with the provisions of Taobao, in order to set aside time for buyers and sellers to communicate, the review and the poor will be effective after 48 hours."

this, Taobao customer service staff explained that the reason for the network system is lagging". The industry experts said that the network of consumer reviews the long-standing interference, and even has become the industry unspoken rule.


online shoppers in the poor was screened Taobao responded that the uninformed

consumer Ms. Wang to reporters reflect, "her shoe in BELLE’s B2C website and purchase online shoe one-time buy a pair of shoes and a sweater, because shoes and genuine work materials differ greatly, so she mentioned to question the true in the evaluation of the goods, but this the evaluation did not display on the page, and the evaluation of other goods smoothly ‘pass’."

for network operators blocked customer deliberately bad review or evaluation mentioned the commodity in question, relevant responsible person said to reporters, the assessment was delayed to upload things did not know, there is no reason to give this matter may cause. Ari analyst Su Huiyan believes that the "evaluation of many person in charge of the electricity supplier often staring at the user, but it is difficult to reconcile the interests of buyers and sellers, the evaluation system Tastes differ all tastes."

, an industry analyst on condition of anonymity, said the electricity supplier platform control is an unspoken rules of the industry, most of the electricity supplier platform have done. At the beginning of the construction of electronic business platform, will be through the negative evaluation of control of the user to pull the merchandise sales, the information asymmetry in the short term to help dealers improve sales, but in the long term the sacrifice is the user experience and their reputation."

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