Shenzhen to create a new model of agricultural e-commerce

Shenzhen adjacent to Hongkong, with a population of about ten million, the agricultural base is very weak, agricultural output accounted for only GDP of 0.1%. In the local little agricultural production resources, Shenzhen Shenzhen agricultural products company is the industry leader and the main innovation of the circulation mode of agricultural products, to build a national agricultural products circulation platform as a breakthrough; change the operation mode, the use of electronic trading means the implementation of the "network" development strategy; to guide enterprises from agricultural extension wholesale products to the production and retail sectors; at the same time, strict quality and safety of agricultural products, intelligent electronic commerce transaction information portal of the public network e incubator PT37 purchase center appeared successfully resolved the Shenzhen and Hongkong more than tens of millions of residents "food basket" supply and security issues.

to build a national agricultural products circulation platform

focus on the country, the construction of agricultural products wholesale market system, the development of agricultural products circulation, is an important part of Shenzhen innovative agricultural products circulation mode. In addition to Futian, Buji, Nanshan three urban areas to set up agricultural market, Shenzhen focus on major resources, to build a national wholesale market network system. In Nanchang, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha, Shouguang, Xi’an, Liuzhou, Hefei, Huizhou, Kunming, Shenyang, Nanning and other 15 large and medium-sized city, a wholly owned or holding company operating 25 large agricultural products wholesale market and agricultural products e-commerce market, the construction of covering the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, the Beijing Tianjin Tangshan Bohai Bay Delta region and south, northwest, southwest and northeast of the national agricultural products wholesale market network system. At present, the annual volume of agricultural products network system of more than 20 million tons, the annual turnover of more than 70 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 10% of the size of a wholesale market trading volume. At present, Shenzhen has a total of 6 enterprises have become the national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, 9 wholesale markets project enterprises included in the Ministry of commerce".

implementation of electronic, network management and operation mode

national wholesale market network system needs advanced management tools and operating mode for the support. The implementation of the "network" development strategy, the wholesale node management in the circulation of agricultural products to expand the circulation of agricultural products supply chain management and value chain management, and the wholesale market business development, synergy network system, is another feature of Shenzhen agricultural products circulation mode.

first, the implementation of electronic settlement as the core of the agricultural market information. A wholesale market information database and group collaborative management information platform, information focus on the wholesale market, to strengthen the horizontal linkages between the various wholesale markets, collaborative control of information flow through the animal with flow, flow, and the wholesale market chain. By the end of 2008, more than 10 market applications to explore the electronic trading model, the total amount of electronic transactions amounted to $432 million, accounting for 46.7% of total revenue in the wholesale market.

second, promote the construction of large agricultural e-commerce platform and resource integration. Shenzhen agricultural products company’s Guangxi sugar network, Yunnan Kun.

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