The Taobao system frequently blocked no possibility of survival deus ex shopping guide website lever

shopping guide, as the name implies, of small individual is to ultimately improve marketing performance, and for consumers, guide the process step by step mode, help consumers to dispel all the concerns and the actual behavior of consumption. The focus of shopping guide, is to guide, so you can also think of shopping guide is a very important part of the marketing process and steps.

in the traditional store, shopping guide is provided with a special guide, need to step by step is targeted for shopping to consumers, in addition to businesses have very skilled knowledge, but also the need for the consumer’s psychological activity, have a certain understanding, can according to consumer’s psychological activity and mood, body language, to determine what should be the next step to continue to guide good at giving systematic guidance measures. The guide, with the aid of some businesses provided that, or that can effectively promote the methods and measures of the marketing effect, to maintain the customers to come for consultation, very patiently to come for consultation good at giving systematic guidance, completely collapsed, with the intention to purchase or potential purchase of the crowd the purchase of doubts, then in the stimulation of these people, new shopping intention, it is early in the era of the traditional store shopping guide mode and definition.

in the Internet based twenty-first Century today is completely different: at this stage of the shopping guide mode, the common points are in a dynamic, advanced website, can be completely without face-to-face transactions with customers.

twenty-first Century shopping guide mode of the most basic features:

1 with a shopping guide for the site, a shopping guide website as the basic unit;

2 lies in the fact that there is no time limit;

3 no special shopping guide, but can provide dummies and personalized merchandise query, the user can at any shopping guide website, to make their own choices of goods, and then click the mouse to complete the process of exchange all the goods on the Internet, compared with the previous traditional store shopping guide staff to explain, this pattern the initiative will stimulate more users, so in the online shopping, a kind of active behavior is the user, and the traditional shopping guide mode, the speech and promotion mode to stimulate users to buy a shopping behavior as the passive mode, the initiative of the Internet shopping guide mode can also stimulate users; and the user can own choice, not by external stimulus to produce impulse buying desire. Therefore, it can be said that on the Internet, shopping, then the user’s shopping behavior, must be active, rather than passive.


compared to traditional shopping guide mode, now the site as the basic unit of the shopping guide mode, more advanced, more and more fool will be more attention and recognition, so everyone, after all, shopping guide website, what is a kind of website? A basic definition of the guide to buy a website, what is it



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