Honey bud to complete a new round of financing to create a new mother and child industry

layoffs, bankruptcy, merger, if last year’s winter capital "Lidong", this year is the winter solstice". But in fact, in the capital of winter, the capital has not decreased, but is a return to reason. In the winter and more entrepreneurs understand the nature of the capital of the game, the media touted off hat, forget the scenery, tell the story of the good eloquence is just icing on the cake, only a good business model is the most important, to grasp their own hematopoietic skills become maternal electricity supplier who the best means to resist the cold of winter.

explanation: Honey bud to become the 2016 China Internet festival life recommended APP

honey bud and double Ruo


in October 27th, the five anniversary of the big Pro honey bud occasion, honey bud CEO Liu Nan presents many highlights of the event data through the company’s internal mail, also announced that the honey bud has completed a new round of financing, and has achieved positive cash flow, its cash reserves of more than 1 billion yuan. The breakdown of honey bud financing history, from the 2014 year to date, nearly 35 months to complete the 5 round of financing, have to say is the darling of the capital honey bud.


according to the report of the maternal and child industry reports, honey bud on a round of financing $150 million occurred in September last year, led by Baidu, Sequoia Capital, H CAPITAL and other existing shareholders and several U.S. private equity funds with investment. More amazing is that Liu Nan was not a water bank bill in the amount of financing, the momentum of the foot, emboldened Wang remarkable. A year later, in the so-called "winter capital" in the year of the Starving people fill the land., numerous opponents have been quietly down, honey bud again contrarian financing and valuation continued to rise, holding 1 billion in cash, could not help but let competitors envy.

really have the strength of the enterprise never afraid of capital winter

to practice knowledge, 2016, 2017 will be the year when the maternal electricity supplier reshuffle, the winter capital lingering, the day will also speed up the coming reshuffle. Burn enclosure has become the past, the core competitiveness of the products and the "moat" is the ultimate weapon business market competition. It can be said that the maternal electricity supplier dispute began business, but not finally fully liberalized electricity supplier, the second is undoubtedly the hitherto unknown Dafengkou, vertical roots or extension of ecology, the final model of maternal electricity supplier is still under exploration. For all the game player, and timing, are both on the outlet of the enterprise has a first mover advantage, but the air after, how to grasp every detail of the market is also very important, of course, entrepreneurial success and failure factors are attributed to most people, namely the ability of the team.

so, when the electricity supplier mother intensified, the maternal electricity supplier, which won the favor of investors, the huge capital into her arms, just as "lucky" by not, more is the strength behind. From the perspective of the development history of maternal electricity supplier, after the arena fight after surviving each.

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