Suning large warehouse to put into operation in preparation for double 11, the overall speed of larg

double eleven each year, the major electricity supplier in addition to the price of competition, but also to spend a lot of effort to compete with the service and experience put, sent to be sent more quickly, to meet the needs of consumers to buy that service. The day before, the reporter was informed that the large warehouse Suning in Nanning, Lanzhou, Zhengzhou and other places new have been put into operation, Guangxi, Gansu, Henan area large household appliances distribution up to half a day, the full realization of the next day, Suning eleven overweight double service experience.

Nanning electric day everyone throughout the next day, Guangxi

"Guangxi city urban consumers in the buy bulky goods are our warehouse and delivery. Customer orders the same day, we will send the goods in the evening, second days can be sent to the hands of customers." Nanning Suning logistics general manager Tao Tianhao said, the Nanning morning 12 points before buying, can achieve the same day. These are due to the use of large warehouses in Nanning.

(Nanning large warehouse)

According to

, the production of large warehouse area of more than 40000 square meters in Nanning, the shelf area is the use of Guangxi’s most advanced three-dimensional shelf of the layer, can accommodate up to 100 thousand large pieces of goods. All of the library to achieve mechanization, automation operations, the use of bar code management, delivery and receiving efficiency are the fastest protection, the goods in and out of each link can be found on the system.

coverage in Nanning Suning large warehouse is the entire the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Suning has 26 size zhuanpei points in Guangxi, all from Nanning, large warehouse distribution. The warehouse will be put into use in Guangxi Suning logistics services for a new height, Nanning City purchases at 12 in the morning before the next one, afternoon; no more than 8 pm orders can be sent to the next day before noon in Guangxi city; other cities and counties (except Hezhou) can realize the next day today. To buy tomorrow.

Lanzhou, Zhengzhou large warehouse sync enabled, we can buy electricity that enjoy

recently, Chen from Gansu, Jiuquan experienced a "buy, that is, to enjoy" service. Chen introduced her during the National Day in Su Ningyi to buy a washing machine, the first morning of the second day of the world single sent home, the distribution speed let her delight, "before the washing machine broke down, hurry to buy a new one to use, did not expect so soon to come, buy next time Suning Appliance also choose."

Miss Chen so quickly with a new washing machine, thanks to the use of Suning logistics base in Lanzhou this year. It is understood that the warehouse covering Gansu Province large commodity warehousing and distribution, the large household appliances distribution limitation than before at least half a day, the main city of Gansu can achieve the next day.

(Zhengzhou large warehouse)

Henan Suning logistics distribution center

in Zhengzhou is the retail warehouse construction standards in Henan province is the highest, can be achieved on throughput of 20 thousand sets of large commodities, 200 thousand small commodities. The center of radiation in all County Township Village, can meet the needs of the whole of Henan province and the distribution of goods, the realization of Zhengzhou City 2 hours served, around "

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