How to combine e-commerce with SNS

nowadays, the Internet is the two most popular e-commerce industry and SNS. Electronic commerce has been touted as the government attaches great importance to it, especially last year Chinese Politburo member and Guangdong provincial Party Secretary Wang Yang Ma to visit it more to an unprecedented height. E-commerce has become an important channel for the financial crisis to promote the upgrading and development of traditional industries. Whether in Shenzhen, Dongguan, or Foshan, the government attaches great importance to e-commerce, many e-commerce companies to give preferential policies and financial support. For a time, the Internet appeared a number of B2B platform, B2C platform, C2C platform, one would like to become the next Alibaba, the next Taobao.

fackbook’s success, let us feel the great temptation of the existence of SNS, SNS has quickly swept the world, for a time, all vied force SNS, in China, really make people feel the allure of SNS or the success of happy net, grab spaces, friends impression, fast heart farm, vote. Let users experience the glory of the hospital outside of work and leisure. Steal seeds, grab become a fashionable popular language. It is because of the great success of the happy network, the whole of China’s Internet transformation of their underlying architecture to support the SNS architecture. NetEase, Sina space, Baidu Hi, hi, QQ space, the space, overnight, the overall architecture of the Internet have become SNS APP.

as the saying goes, there is wealth, popularity. Why is everyone so much SNS because he is behind the existence of a large number of users, however, what users into wealth, together in the exploration of QQ, or in a leading position in this regard.

introduces the present situation of electronic commerce and SNS, starting our theme, is how to put these two hot things together, the formation of 1+1=2 or greater than 2 in this situation? We will discuss next.

recently, often on the Tianya people know, Jingdong in the world above the mall opened a shop, at the same time, the clothing B2C Massa at the end of the world above to open a shop. Why B2C love website on the horizon above the mall, there is only one reason, with the popularity of the website itself enhance awareness, promote the second, more transactions, skyline as a distribution platform.

so, the popularity of the various SNS also have, then, is not the SNS website also like Tianya electronic mall like? My view is negative. All along, I always adhere to the initiative of e-commerce and advertising, that is, when you visit the SNS website or in the game, in fact, has joined a lot of e-commerce elements. For example, we set the glory of the hospital, which has a sterilization element, like elements like, we can be directly connected to the electronic commerce website, or e-commerce, open API interface for various game manufacturers call, let the virtual game and now life combined, so if the user is interested in him is to.

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