[data] September Taobao 18 category brand sales data.

according to the related data cube, billion state power network Summary (including Taobao Tmall) in 2014 September 18 categories in the sales of the top ten brand sales and related data, for reference only. (hint: if the entry is repeated, and the data cube brand library brand rankings on




Septwolves sales in September once again broken million, reached 110 million yuan, ranking first in the men’s clothing brand sales list, and ranked second in the battlefield jeep, sales of almost 100 million, about 97 million 910 thousand yuan. Ranked third in the sea of the house, its September sales of about $90 million 500 thousand.

YOUNGOR and Mark Ed Faye ranked fourth and fifth, YOUNGOR sales of about $80 million 100 thousand, while Mark Ed Faye was $67 million 910 thousand. Ranked six to ten are Metersbonwe, Semir, JACK&JONES, Motom and dandy.


experienced several months of downturn, marked up finally ushered in the men’s market in September, ranked second in the battlefield jeep, compared to August, sales rose nearly 30 million yuan, while the third sea orchid house increase is 40 million yuan to solve. In addition, the men’s market rebound is not limited to a particular brand, ranked in the hot list tenth JACK&JONES, September sales of 52 million 500 thousand yuan, the data even more than August ranked third in the sea orchid house, sea orchid house sales in August of about 51 million 780 thousand yuan.



The first row in the men’s

to dandy hot list, sales of about 88 million 720 thousand yuan, AOKANG and red dragonfly were ranked second and third, the two brand sales in September were 52 million 500 thousand yuan and 35 million 50 thousand yuan.

ranked fourth and fifth respectively is yelikon and ECCO, which yelikon sales of approximately 34 million 340 thousand yuan, while ECCO sold 32 million 250 thousand yuan in September.

shoes market continued to rise, and as of August, all men’s shoes selling top ten brand sales rose. In addition, in the women’s market performance has been outstanding in the men’s market GUCCI Tianlun also broke into the top ten, ranked tenth, GUCCI family in September sales of approximately 9 million 890 thousand yuan.

women’s wear:


Korea SZ more than 140 million yuan in sales in September, in the women’s market is gradually showing oligopoly, ranked second in the Han clothing sales of 66 million 440 thousand yuan, the younger brother came in third, sales of approximately 65 million 950 thousand yuan.

ranked fourth to tenth brands are ochirly, Zara, Akimizu Ito, Girdear, Vero, ONLY and La Natsu Bell Moda.


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