Show domain name is difficult to sell Rooster lays eggs price

Spring Festival in recent years, Song Dandan’s line will always be favored by investors this year, such as. Including the "genius", "clouds" is the domain name Chinese minghuayouzhu. The "clouds" masters, netizen "Cobra" vowed to shoot a domain name will lay cock price".

Internet can always inspire people to imagine the wealth. Since sold millions of dollars in price, a domain name Chinese enclosure movement with raging like a storm. Every social hot spots, the relevant domain name is to be divided, and quickly transformed into dazzling astronomical figures.

as the wealth myth arena in the martial arts masterpiece, has spread miraculous, but few people see the truth. Remember the Spring Festival last year, just announced a Taiwan panda’s name, and "16 round" the domain name was round, and a single highest price on the Internet 500 thousand.

but a year later, "round and round" the domain name is still a No one shows any interest in 500 thousand, but blowing big bubble. Look at who pocketed the eye "Banquet", "Golden Flower" in the domain name, and eventually faded flashy speculation, have not heard what the price of

into commercial reality

– end only egg laying Rooster Chicken ribs.

it is reported that Cobra intends to white clouds to sell the domain name Song Dandan. This year, the people who ask for money to spend a few. There have been a lot of people to sell the domain name Xu Jinglei and other stars. But people Xu clear: free money do not welcome. Pro

also called on the stars do not spend money for the domain name. Bad mood will only condone malicious cybersquatting, and this domain name has no value.


can’t imagine "clouds", "round and round" domain name can be used to do what, then who is in the myth fueled? Behind the domain name transactions, always let people suspected agents manipulate and self directed issue. Once someone hooked, for these worthless


‘s domain name, they will steal tens of Chandler, even secretly laugh at "you don’t have money – money against net.

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