E-commerce to further development must improve service

If you really want to do a good job in e-commerce, we must understand the consumer psychology. Consumers worried about what? I think consumers are worried about three issues: first, quality, the price is two, and the three is safe. The electronic commerce to the trend, must have the "three", to solve the following three questions.

first, to ensure quality. First, consumers are worried about the quality of goods and services. On the list of goods online, after a single purchase, the quality can not be guaranteed? I ordered a batch of DVD on a website, buy back a few days to see, one of the quality problems, requires the return. The website said that our regulation is over 7 days, can not be returned. I said I bought 20 DVD, let me see all the 7 days, found that there is no quality problem, it is unreasonable. As long as you send the goods, there are quality problems, you will be responsible for. The other said no, we are such a provision. I said, this is the King terms, I will no longer buy things on your site, so that the loss of customers. There is the delivery speed. Some sites are said to be the next day delivery, second days to call, saying that there are still missing a few, to a few days to delivery; there is a delivery of goods and online instructions are different. I hope that e-commerce enterprises should first of all the quality of service, customer satisfaction in the first place, otherwise it will not be able to achieve good development.

second, to reduce costs. E-commerce is characterized by low transaction costs, so the price is relatively cheap. Even so, there are a lot of things to do to reduce costs. How to work closely with suppliers to maintain reasonable inventory is one aspect of cost reduction. On the other hand to reduce the cost of distribution. If the order of the day together, through the calculation, you can get the optimal delivery path to save costs.

third, to ensure safety. Electronic commerce is generally used to pay on the way, very backward, the efficiency is very low, it is best to pay online. Online payment now has some security measures, such as the "Alipay", the implementation of "electronic signature" intermediary etc.. With online payment, especially the trend of mobile phones into electronic wallet, payment security issues are particularly important. Payment security is also involved in the "certification" problem, "certification" need to be solved by password encryption and decryption calculation; can also use biometric authentication, such as iris, fingerprint authentication.

Chinese e-commerce to contrarian, there must be innovation and development. There are three kinds of innovation: one is technological innovation, the other is management innovation. Institutional innovation is more fundamental. The internal system of e-commerce enterprises should be different from the general enterprises, how to improve the quality of service, how to motivate employees, these issues need to be seriously considered from the system. Management innovation involves the organization of enterprises. The organization of the electronic commerce enterprise should adopt the flat, no fixed boundary, the flexible organization way, the number is not much, the level and the Department should not be too many. Another aspect of management innovation is to enable each employee to have a certain management functions, there is a certain degree of innovation and care

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