Single letter CN domain name registration process are tricky

according to a domain name industry sources,, and CN single letter domain is sold out long before the CN two level domain name registration open, and CNNIC never explain.


said that he recently provided by CCNIC whois domain name registration system, including,, CN domain name most early in March 10, 2003 has been related to sold out, and this time is much earlier than the CN two domain official opening date of March 17th –2003.

reporter visit the official website CCNIC found that they did not announce a single letter CN domain name was registered this news, said only "in March 17, 2003, CN officially opened the two level domain name, domain name registration in the future users can directly under the top-level domain name CN".

reporter learned from relevant media reports, by the end of 2005, the original Registrar of these CN domain name Mr. Zheng has repeatedly sold single letter CN domain name, profit from nearly one million.

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