Consumer Jingdong to buy the whole network is one of the lowest flicker asked a refund three

Guangzhou daily news (reporter Li Dalin correspondent Yue Xiao Xuan) Guangzhou consumers in the Jingdong mall businesses spend 17500 yuan to buy a so-called network wide minimum watch, did not expect the next day in other businesses found the same watch as long as 16000 yuan.

Mr. Huang Guangzhou on August 14, 2015 at the Jingdong (ABC watches mall franchise stores) to buy a piece of watches, the price is 17500 yuan, then the product page marked "100% new original authentic Swiss, the lowest of the whole network, support inspection, 100% real photographs". But Mr. Huang received a watch to confirm receipt, the Jingdong found sales of other shops which watches lower prices, Mr Wong believes that businesses adopt improper conduct false and deceptive propaganda, has violated the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, Mr. Huang to Guangdong then Shengxiaowei complaints.

provincial council staff to accept the complaint immediately after contact with the Jingdong store, through coordination, contact the merchant Mr. Huang agreed to pay the price of goods sold, the price of 17500 yuan, the goods at the lowest price of the Jingdong is 16302 yuan, 1198 yuan difference as the advertisement word error compensation. Mr. Wong does not accept the request to retire a lose three, Jingdong mall that the amount is too high, unable to meet the demands of consumers, mediation unsuccessful.

in September 1st this year, the implementation of the new "advertising law" clearly stipulates that the use of advertising language, the whole network lowest class of expressions are prohibited to use the limit terms.

in fact Jingdong platform businesses did not reach the lowest price, the price of its advertising description has been suspected of false propaganda, according to the new "law" provisions of article fifty-fifth, consumers put forward the "retreat one lose three requirements can not.

in this case, the Guangdong Provincial Council recommended that consumers should not blindly believe in advertising, especially advertising limit.

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