The online selling vegetables is not destined to tomorrow’s business

With the rise of the Internet,

B2C has been widely used, and both sides will be synchronized with the convenience of the virtual world to reality. The inevitable result of the rapid development of application expanding electricity supplier is the economy, from the vertical, the competition in the same field will become more and more fierce, homogenization is inevitable after natural selection, survival of the fittest; horizontal, in addition to the traditional online 3C, books, clothing, daily necessities, buying and selling, also will be more diversified the direction of product line will continue to extend. But if you say, now online, in addition to buy food dry cargo, can even buy food, buy food, will you believe?

according to statistics, in January 2012, the national CPI (consumer price index) rose 4.5 percentage points, the development and Reform Commission predicted that by the year February, can be dropped in less than 4%. At that time, this also shows from the side, China’s CPI in the long run of the indisputable facts. Especially in the field of daily necessities such as food, CPI continued to rise for the daily life of the residents brought a lot of economic distress, can be described as a whole body.

in this context, the smart electricity supplier will naturally feel that there will be dangerous organic, have online online shopping channels. In fact, China’s CPI continued to rise is not a day for two days, in recent years has been to, well-known business Chinese Nobel said, as early as 2008, then cable entities under the tentative market opening up fresh sales field. As a kind of very fresh things, can create a great sensation. But this sense of freshness has become a yellow flower, has vanished, the forerunner of the year, has no ambition. Then, in the online selling website blossom everywhere today, whether can escape the curse,

talent shows itself?

is different from traditional electricity providers, online vegetables safe website to go, there are a few problems always unavoidable.

1 cost sharing

and traditional electricity providers, online shopping is delivered to the buyer through the courier channels. Although the courier fee is a large amount of excellent price, but it is inevitable that these costs. Different from the traditional fresh electricity supplier, the requirements of temperature and humidity in the transport process is very high, a little beyond the guarantee scope, may lead to a decline in quality, even rotten scrap. To achieve these additional requirements, the need to pay the higher transport costs.

is currently several large domestic electricity supplier, such as Jingdong, where the customer, Amazon Chinese, although the daily orders are hundreds of thousands or even millions, but it is not only to fill the profit of logistics cost. While for small electricity providers, send tens of dollars of fresh produce, how much can express fee without triggering buyers resistance


2 scale limited

through the search found that the current online operation is still to keep the electricity supplier to buy dozens of vegetables. But a careful look at the scope of its delivery, have found that the presence of the king is a phenomenon. Can >

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