Jingdong anniversary big promotion questioned some of the goods 618 day price


Beijing in June 20, the 618 anniversary of Japan’s Jingdong promotional merchandise price holiday, but some users found that day to join Jingdong anniversary activities of commodity prices instead; in addition, there are users also reflect some Jingdong, preferential "seckill" activities, seconds kill probability of success is small, many goods page after the show "no goods".

Jingdong part of the promotional price of goods accused of changing

discount after the first shill is many electricity providers when marketing the usual trick, but this is not the "pit" means consumers. There are 18 Jingdong in 618 anniversary activities of the commodity price increases actually had a day phenomenon.

18, netizen @aki family cat king said in micro-blog, NEX-5TL No. 16 fancy Sony, was 3199 yuan, the site returned vouchers, 2999 yuan can win today (June 18th) a big promotion, the price to 3399 yuan.

then, IT channel in the mall on the Jingdong to see this product, the site shows that the price of the commodity is indeed 3399 yuan. But a few days had more than 3399 yuan lower? With doubt Beijing IT channel in the Jingdong on the view of the users evaluate this product below, the Jingdong member Smlie said the pig: 16 hand price is 3128 yuan; the Jingdong member RoCk_Wong328 said: 618 or 2999 yuan morning to afternoon into a 3399 yuan; member of the Jingdong jd159272ewa said: this camera one day the price is a lot of change.

in connection with the new network IT channel Jingdong online customer service, a customer service officer, said the order at the time of the site was marked price. For members of the Jingdong to reflect the above commodity 618 day price, the customer service said, the specific situation is not clear, can not help you find the price of the product changes."

Jingdong part of the promotional goods than other electricity supplier several hundred dollars

In addition to a 618 day

Jingdong commodity price, the media also pointed out that in fact the Jingdong in the 618 anniversary day, participate in the anniversary activities part of the goods and other electronic business platform compared to no price advantage, even some commodity prices than other electronic business platform is also much higher.

June 18th, the people’s daily with a few Jingdong to participate in the activities of the 618 goods with several other domestic electricity supplier platform to do the price comparison, the results show that part of the electricity Jingdong than other electricity supplier platform a few hundred dollars. Such as the Changhong 1.5P air conditioning KFR-35GW/ZDHR Jingdong launched in 618 (W1-H) +A3, the price of 2999 yuan, the final order to participate in activities for the price of 2849 yuan, with an air conditioner in the United States the actual order price is 2399 yuan, 450 yuan cheaper than the Jingdong.

yesterday, the new network IT channel found in Jingdong

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