Business credit consumption rise of a virtual credit card or will restart

following various kinds of baby, "credit consumption" has recently become the Internet Co, especially the business of running the main market. Last week, Suning launched the so-called "money begets money" change loan products, become the Jingdong "white", "flower chanting" Ali after the Internet consumer credit products. With the bank credit card, electricity supplier launched the "consumer credit" is the first consumer to pay, but the two in the line of credit, interest free period, the expected rate. There are many different.

popular online shopping


credit consumption"

white-collar Miss Wang in the presence of more than 20 thousand yuan of money in Suning treasure money, the past few days she logged on Su Ningyi to buy things, a page on the shopping section can make money, the information attracted her. The "view details after the discovery, the idea was that I have much money in the treasure, can give me the same amount of the loan to buy things change, Su Ningyi pay by change loans, spending 30 days from zero money treasure deduction, but 30 days of consumption of these funds are still treasure in help me make money." Miss Wang opened this service to try the next, bought a HUAWEI glory 6, submitted to the order to change the amount of the loan amount to pay, the amount of change in the amount of treasure Miss Wang did not decrease, and orders have been paid to show success.

on the other side, the amount of consumption of 1000 yuan college classmate Chen recently used "flower chanting" give, in Tmall in advance to buy their favorite a kindle. "I want to wait until the new year to get the gift money to buy, but you give me overdraft limit, then use first, next month is 10." In fact, before the change of loan "and" flower chanting ", the Jingdong launched a network of consumer credit Jingdong in 2014 February".

it is worth noting that, although three electricity supplier credit consumption rapidly, but in the beginning of 2014, Ali launched a virtual credit card, it is the central bank for emergency stop. According to insiders, the virtual credit card when Ali was called, because loaning pressure to the risk borne by the banks, will eventually transfer to the bank end. "White", "flower chanting", "change the loan" is derived from the respective business underwritten loans or small micro loan companies. Behind the small loan funds from Suning small loan company." Su Ning, a staff member said that, in this way, the change in the mode of operation of the loan can be fully realized closed loop operation, greatly reducing the risk.

ratio of

"credit consumption" and credit card has the advantage of

three home appliance consumption range of credit consumption is limited to their own


"change loan" and "white", "flower chanting" the first consumer pay mode of many people are not strange, because the bank credit card overdraft function already popular, but the three is limited in the electricity business platform on their own, and the bank’s credit card is real consumption line under the. In comparison, the electricity supplier launched credit consumption and bank credit card overdraft, the amount of credit

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