6.18 electricity supplier promotions, a popular song and dance duet performances

(fast transit network columnist: Jia Jinghua) for the 6.18 electricity supplier has not yet ended sales promotion, has always wanted to write something, but do not know where to start. With the circle of friends to chat, talk about the Northeast classic program "Errenzhuan", with deep feeling. As a strong local characteristics of the art form, and in the promotion of Uncle Zhao Benshan under fire times on both sides of the Changjiang River. Two old routines, followed for hundreds of years, captured the hearts of millions of people, the scene and the 6.18 business promotion has a surprisingly similar.

song and dance duet, one person leading, one person, one show only two people do not have a taste of a few years; business promotion, users Redubujian, promotion become flavorfully. This year’s 6.18 sales, although Gome, Suning, Dangdang, Yi Xun, Eric, Le bee and many other electricity providers have to play, but the play is not melee, but leading Jingdong, Tmall spoiler, Gome and Suning and Dangdang were crying in a drama, and the Northeast has a lot of similar.

turn the clock back to five years ago, 6.18 is the Jingdong’s anniversary, is one of Jingdong in the promotion of the solo stage; the last two or three years, the electricity supplier competition, Tmall, Suning and Gome and other electricity providers began to suppress the Jingdong, the Jingdong belongs to the 6.18 day, a group of the electricity supplier promotional Carnival day.

can say that, 6.18 is a Jingdong to create a full category of online shopping promotion day, the double is Tmall (then should be called Taobao) to create a clothing online shopping promotion day. The last one or two years, whether it is 6.18 or ten, have already become the online shopping carnival. It is not difficult to see the impact of Jingdong and Tmall on the pattern of domestic electricity supplier.

then a careful review of the last two years 6.18 and double eleven promotion will be found, 6.18 seem to be the number of commercial Jingdong day siege. Unfortunately, Gome, Suning, Dangdang and other electricity providers will be shouting slogans loudly, the Jingdong failed to stop the pace of expansion, including the Jingdong has to kill Tmall.

6.18 electricity supplier promotion this year, a number of electricity suppliers, including Tmall will spearhead Jingdong is inevitable. From the data point of view, this promotion is Jingdong and Tmall in the 3C appliance market showdown. Data show that Jingdong 6.18 home appliance sales for the day of 750 million, Tmall put a satellite, said the same day the home appliance sales exceeded 1 billion 300 million; Gome online sales of only $220 million; easy fast only 100 million yuan……

we can’t research Tmall 6.18 day sales of home appliances 1 billion 300 million how much water, to be sure, Tmall is not willing to act as the 6.18 anniversary of the siege of the Jingdong role, who want to be the marketing battle hero. In fact, Tmall, the United States, Yi Xun promotional activities, but a few days time, the promotion of Jingdong for a period of one month, and will be defined as the red June Jingdong. Tmall’s promotion is only a few days, which means that Tmall in the 6.18 electricity supplier promotion but want to get some saliva capital. No Jingdong and bloody battle in the end, this foot >

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