Ouyang Yun has acquired 2-3 high group purchase network considering a separate listing

June 10th Groupon CEO news, Andrew · Mason and COO Ouyang Yun attended today Gaopeng media communication. Ouyang Yun said at the meeting, at present Gaopeng has acquired 2 – 3 small group purchase website, the future will consider the overseas listed independent.

Andrew · Mason began his visit to China in June 9th, yesterday has visited Gaopeng company and management team. Mason said that the important purpose of the visit is to examine China Chinese market and meet Gaopeng management team, before he has visited Japan and South korea.

Ouyang Yun said that Mason Chinese tour also brings a kind of new mode of group purchase called GrouponNow, this model is mainly based on LBS technology, real-time query support around the project group purchase consumers and businesses, and more convenient to participate in group purchase. Ouyang Yun said that this model is currently being used by the Groupon in the United States for promotion and experiment, experiment after the success will be considered in the promotion of high.

China market has experienced a thousand group war, did not appear any calm down trend, more intense competition in the industry. A lot of group purchase sites are beginning to crazy burn, and to seek overseas listing. In this regard, said Ouyang Yun, buy the industry is currently a sunrise industry, two or three cities have great room for development. Gaopeng will not rule out a separate listing possible, so far has successfully acquired a small group purchase website 2-3.

for the financing level, Ouyang Yun said, Gaopeng currently only Groupon, Tencent and Yun Feng fund of three investors, adding yet more financing planning mechanism.

Groupon submitted to the listing document, there are analysts questioned Ponzi scheme, which mainly rely on the development of new models to buy new businesses to win profits, the old business renewal rate is very low. This Ouyang Yun explicitly denied group purchase mode has a Ponzi scheme risk, he said that according to its understanding, thousands of businesses Gaopeng is about 70% back customers, and can not simply rely on new businesses to high profit, but he did not disclose the specific contract Gaopeng merchant rate.

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