My MM’S test the Mars chocolate custom business

introduction: My M& M’S has once again proved the food Mars Inc, the world’s biggest producer of Everfount creativity. My M& M’S not only found the chocolate personalized customization of the market segments and its electricity supplier, but also make every effort to make it can be applied to a variety of chocolate beans. On My M&, the M’S website, users will be pleasantly surprised to find that the original chocolate beans can be so interesting and delicate.

My M& M’S is a U.S. food manufacturer Mars Inc’s customized personalized chocolate website, on-line in 2004. As the name suggests, the user can be DIY on the site you want M& M’S chocolate. Mars will be in accordance with the user’s DIY program production, packaging and delivery of chocolate to users. In the My M& M’S, packaging of chocolate color, number, the user can choose to want, also can write text, print the image in chocolate icing on the.

in My M& M’S, the user needs to choose the color of chocolate beans. At present, the site has 20 kinds of colors of chocolate beans, but each customer can choose up to three colors at a time. Next, the user can design what to write on the chocolate beans, what patterns. After the completion of this part, the order of the number of options and packaging. My M& M’S from 20 small aluminum boxes to 10 pound package options, the cheapest package for $8.49, aluminum box packing less per box $4, but the minimum quantity is 20 boxes.

My M& M’S logistics support for the United States and canada. Outside of the two countries the user needs to call the customer service phone to confirm their country in the scope of delivery. Chinese domestic users can also choose to transfer the company to express My M& M’S goods.

this is just the most basic customization of chocolate for individual users. On My M&, M’S, you can also customize a variety of occasions to meet the use of chocolate beans, such as weddings, parties and business occasions.

My M& M’S initial line only for individual customers. 2006, My M& M’S will expand the scope of services to corporate customers, business users can M&, M ‘S chocolate bean print enterprise logo for the company’s activities. Obviously, from the individual level to the enterprise level, this is a smart business expansion.

2008, Mars once again play its excellent extension and marketing ability, won the American occupation Baseball League (Major League Baseball) and the National Football League (National Football League) authorized in M& M ‘S chocolate beans printed on the team logo. >

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