The 2012 Conference on network operators Ma predicted small and beautiful is the future direction of

Pu Zhengfu, Yunnan specialty sales at Taobao university graduates, from state-owned enterprises to switch to online shop. "One day in 2009, I saw the wife buy clothes online, I suddenly had an idea, can use the spare time to sell home products through the network, to promote the rich people in my hometown."

so, he registered a shop in Yunnan Dai Village love "on the Internet, began selling walnuts, pumpkin seeds, dried beef and egg soil and other farm ecological products. Now, he led the local development of walnut characteristic planting, farmers plant is also in preparation, shops from one part-time, to present a small team behind is a group of people.


group senior researcher Liang Chunxiao said, feeling the same as Yunnan Dai village a large number of "small is beautiful" characteristics of small network has been a strong concern, "new business information era is rising, small is beautiful era is coming."

"China culture, better be the head, to Chinese Pteris, culture, Oriental culture, taste more small enterprises, enterprises in the future, small is beautiful, small and more critical, more flexible." The finale of speech yesterday in the 2012 network conference, Ma Yunru said.

he said, from the beginning of next year Ali will be fully launched the "double million" strategy, to cultivate the 1 million turnover of over 1 million yuan shop jianian.

This year’s

ten network, not only sales, see enough features

8 in the evening, the ninth network to the General Assembly the focus of "2012 world top ten network operators officially announced, 10 were from Anhui, Shanghai, Fujian, Guangdong, Beijing, the United States and Taiwan China the best network gain the highest annual award e-businessmen. The assembly also issued 6 individual awards and 2012 top ten electricity supplier service providers, network operators to record the growth model.

reporter found, with ten different operators in previous years is that this year’s business is not particularly outstanding sales performance, there is no corresponding high volume. So, these small network operators with what will be the 2012 year model


organizers explained that this year’s contest theme is "small is beautiful". In the Internet era, the rapid rise of third party e-commerce platform, to millions of grassroots entrepreneurs, small people to provide opportunities for success and stage. In the entrepreneurial process, they burst out of a strong ability to innovate, reflecting the small is the future direction of the United states.

yesterday morning, e-businessmen exchange meeting, the reporter saw the small and beautiful network, found that they do business is really very grassroots, such as iPhone mobile phone shell, barbecue utensils, tea, scarves, agricultural products sales, "odds and ends of sewing things are not large, from a few hundred million yuan to tens of millions of dollars, and those a network of well-known brands can not be compared.


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