Where the customer crisis truth survey three years of losses in 2011 250 million loss 600 million

loss of 2 billion yuan in cash flow difficult to continue?

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in the winter of 2011, Eslite (micro-blog) (the company where the main entities brand) in a peer and media slobber, leaving in a number of executives, "where the crisis" seems to be growing.

reporter access to Beijing and Beijing Fanku Industrial and Commercial Bureau Eslite business information, which is an important carrier in the capital of the investors, and interviewed a number of close to the old (micro-blog) and after that person Eslite VANCL seems not so bad.

in the past three years, where the loss of 250 million yuan; 2011, Eslite or a loss of 600 million yuan. At the same time, VANCL maintained annual sales of more than 200% growth.

is on the other side, VANCL investors fought to put money today — Eslite VANCL, aged and management efforts, is also a VC firm support to hit out.

for all passengers this year is to maintain growth, or for profit, aged subtly to reporters said: "this year we advance steadily."

Eslite "hit"

how much money?

June 2007, aged from joyo.com turnover has been 2 years, these 2 years he founded a business class enterprise, failed; this time he considered selling clothes on the internet.

in July, he bought the Beijing dream topon Information Technology Co. Ltd. from the hands of Wang Rongqing (hereinafter referred to as the "dream of Utopia") 80% of the shares, and then renamed "VANCL (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" China "). In the past years become the dream topon the actual controller Lei Jun (micro-blog) is the dream of Utopia shareholder, shares accounted for 10%. But until today, Lei Jun, are VANCL’s shareholders.

done in the old joyo.com, executives themselves venture had, know from the beginning, with the power of capital. In September of the same year, he incorporated Beijing Fanku Eslite Technology Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Beijing Fanku"). Since then, Beijing has been linked Fanku VANCL and capital tie – VC took a lot of dollars Evan Ltd. (Evan Corporation) for equity, Evan limited money into Beijing Fanku, Chen et al will pledge VANCL’s stake to Beijing where the Beijing library, Fanku protocol control vancl.

Beijing is an important node in the

Fanku VIE in the chain, but also a carrier of receiving VC funds. From Beijing Fanku paid in capital and the total investment changes, you can know that the old do vancl.com, is a matter of how things burn.

According to

close to where the participants pointed out that the "investment" change is more close to the amount of capital invested. VANCL before and after six rounds of financing, the equity change of complex, far more than outsiders imagine, the main >