7080 90 Taobao shopkeeper story

said the shopkeeper: old shop owner or person responsible for the management of the store (the "modern Chinese Dictionary"). Today, this old vocabulary has become synonymous with the network seller. At present, Chinese online shopping reached 120 million registered users, taobao.com has 98 million shop manager, another major feature of 2008 China online shopping market is Taobao, active user group as the representative of the "Amoy generation" is on the rise, they are rational consumption, enjoy life, formed its own unique "new consumption culture" – willing to share, word of mouth, this culture gave birth to the "integrity, transparency and responsibility of the new commercial civilization, and it will be the best response to the financial crisis.

laid-off mom

supports dream

she is 32 years old this year, laid off 8 years, children 7 years old, a few years ago has been working outside, she is a strong mother, also a marriage did not give up frustrated woman, is to get out of the plight of the businessman a persistent.

and her family relationship is very harmonious, in order to save the broken family, what would she slowly persisted, she contacted the network business, her husband did not understand and support her, then the relationship is bad – separated.

got down and walked out of the house. She had nothing but clothes. Sad she quickly came out from the broken shadows, rented a 12 square meters of their own garage, borrowed a few thousand dollars to buy a computer, began to do Taobao. She was just beginning to touch the cross stitch, because the baby less, there may be room for development, inadvertently in the online search, found a lot of cross stitch, thinking for a long time, or do it up.

had a very bad business, and she didn’t understand many things, and it was very competitive. A month before even 100 yuan to earn, then in the business strategy change after change. However, due to the cross stitch sent prices, almost no profit, because of limited funds, she has no way to input, so she decided to make contact with silica gel BRA.

a lot of wholesalers on the Internet, in order to choose a good seller, she took a lot of samples from all over the country, selectively into some goods. A period of time, because the supply price of hair, she did not earn what, but again taken Paohuo way, after tossing the 2 time, she has a deficit in the capital.

she did not hesitate, not discouraged, to parents borrowed 5000 yuan to do local products, including pajamas, underwear, try to find wholesalers or store locally, by proxy method, continue to increase their profit. Perhaps in the eyes of her many sellers is one of the most successful, but she thinks he is one of the most persistent, although it is not successful, but through continuous efforts, just as soon as possible to have a family reunion point the day and await for it wishes.

insisted on giving up

hope always in front of

he is a primary school teacher.

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