Microsoft launched 6 versions of Windows 7 behind

under the economy is facing the dilemma of layoffs, restructuring not occur even in a hundred years, such a move is only a surface phenomenon for the Microsoft empire. Yesterday, sources said, Microsoft will be in the three quarter of this year also launched 6 for different users of the Windows 7 version, including emerging markets such as Chinese cheap version, a move that has been suffering the same pain PC industry generally welcomed. Although this is only the information about the product, but it indicates that the adjustment of Microsoft business policy. There is growing evidence that Microsoft is losing its role as a leader in the industry, becoming an ordinary IT company that has changed for a living.


was forced to release time in advance

latest survey shows that due to Microsoft’s previous operating system Windows Vista is not satisfactory, its popularity in the enterprise is very low. Only about 10% of the enterprises to upgrade to Vista, the rest are still hovering on the Windows XP platform. In order to change this situation, Microsoft had to accelerate the development of Windows 7. Windows 7 release time has been several times in advance, from the initial 2010 spring, early to the end of this year, overwhelmed by the adjustment to the three quarter of this year. In order to make up for the user dissatisfaction with the Vista, there is news that Microsoft has no plans to launch the second beta version, and released the official version of the Windows in the three quarter of the. Wall Street analysts believe that, compared with the risk of losing the user, the risk factor of Microsoft’s current risk-taking behavior is still small. It should be said that the market demand has changed the development of Microsoft system and progress.

interpretation two:

eventually recognized cheap netbook status

in addition, it is worth noting that the 6 versions of Windows 7 will support the Internet in varying degrees. The so-called netbook, the PC industry in order to meet the primary consumer mobile office life and launched a portable simplified.

actually started including Microsoft, many enterprises and institutions are not too optimistic about the analysis of the netbook market, especially in the design of the Microsoft Vista operating system does not take into consideration of the netbook support, Vista to large but impractical on a netbook running. But with the outbreak of the financial tsunami, and the development of the Internet, the Internet seems to have enough cheap access to users of all ages, to become a PC industry saviour. Microsoft has been aware of the need to adapt to the development of the industry, the introduction of the Internet to support the Windows 7 is also forced by the situation.

interpretation three:

pricing policy is expected to be more flexible

Windows 7 will also launch the 6 version, the number of versions of the previous Windows crown. It is worth noting that, in particular, there are emerging markets such as China’s Windows 7 family foundation, as well as >

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