What is bidding How to make money

today for the first two lessons, what is the price. I believe you have heard this word, in Baidu or GG search results will appear 24400000. But what exactly is the bidding


popular argument is to buy traffic on the network, and then do their own advertising, which is bidding.

is like Baidu, GG. When you search for some words, such as weight loss". In the first page of the first few, but also with the promotion of two words. That is the product of the auction. Why do you want to do it? As long as you search, it is in the front, every day so many keywords are searched by people. We usually love the Internet search for "Star" and "mobile phone" and "computer" and "Wangzhuan" these public to search words. Also optimistic about many of these keywords, so advertising display after the first order, how has it, that is to see who bid high, who bid high, the first one who will be exhibited first consumed. If you are in the first row, so every day to you how many people. Of course, these keywords are occupied by a number of large sites. We have to pay to promote.

if there are products to promote it?

GOOGLE advertising alliance. Baidu advertising alliance. Sogou advertising. Tencent bidding. There are a number of other flow chain, flow union. Competitive alliance.

how are these charges charged?

GOOGLE advertising alliance. Baidu advertising alliance. Sogou advertising. Tencent bidding. The lowest price of these alliances are 0.1 yuan, that is, you put on the ad above, as long as there is a person to click on the ad into your station, whether you do not deal. You have to pay 0.1 yuan.

flow chain, the flow of the union price is much lower. Generally reach 0.02 yuan. But there’s too much traffic.

bidding features:

1, all items advertised in the bidding, the basic profit is greater than the advertising costs.

2, once the test of investment is profitable, then it can be doubled investment.

3, there is no need for any human intervention, as long as it is profitable, basically equal to white money.

How is the flow of the

auction consumed?

bidding alliance, mainly rely on three carriers to consume a lot of bidding advertising:

1, search engine.

when we search for a keyword, it will charge related ads on search engine on the right, is what we say when we point the bidding advertising, these ads, consumption is equal to others for advertising.

2, large station.

, for example, Sina’s advertising, is also a form of competitive advertising, his main advertising Click

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