From a tramp to earn 30 thousand to witness a successful female owner of the entrepreneurial process

I call the cow forward, everybody calls me a calf. Master is an old Red Army, the mother of young people go to the countryside because of knowledge, in the local and my father got married, and I and my sister. I graduated from college, had been cheated to do the pyramid was closed in more than and 20 days, the best for my quick witted, or to get rid of the clutches of marketing expenses.

had a direct double matrix line is also a time when the sun, made a lot more money, because money too easy, that the future life is like this, so much almost spend much, leaving no savings.


finally can not do, I am wandering in Guangzhou, the house rent 1800 yuan monthly rent, the landlord every Cuizhe pay, there were already three months no rent. Every day always on tenterhooks life, busy with the landlord, the landlord should put me out. And I didn’t even have any money left. In the big city did not pay strangers, garbage fees, will not let you throw litter.

fortunately, there is a broken computer in the room, I go to vent every day playing mahjong landlords, do not know what to do to change the situation. The money at home I can’t have, because the family is not well-off, I was as the eldest son had lead a gay life life, not sent home too much money in rural areas we all understand, even the birds are not shit place, the living standards of farmers have no way up high.

the landlord rent I would not want to move to civilian areas, to live for a period of time, much less the rent somehow. However, where to spend, even rent a small cottage also have to pay the deposit, I have no money at that time. Really feel shy, left a note to the landlord and rent IOUs, only take the initiative to pick up a little luggage and went out. At that time became a tramp. Even to wipe the shoes also have to have the tools, I am not afraid of hardship, but suffer from not so strong.

I think it looks pretty Zhou Zheng, but not too tall, slightly sweet mouth, to find some food to eat or. But this does not meet my ambitious character. There is no way, I went to a small restaurant as a helper, only to earn a meal to eat, there is a place to sleep.

boss is still good for me, playing more than a month’s work, the remaining 500 yuan.

now talk about the things before wandering. At the time when vent play mahjong Sichuan understanding of the autumn is still the girl that I am going to write the webmaster. When I was at my worst, I suddenly disappeared, because I was just a simple friend and didn’t tell her the truth. Now has a 500 yuan of money, I will concentrate on the job at the restaurant to work, leisure time will go to Internet cafes, or vent to find her. I was still almost every day to play there, her slogan is, since want to play out a way out. She played mahjong fast and steady, and the score went up quickly. I put my experience to tell her, eyes still help me put up the rent paid, she said owe people must also, otherwise life will be left behind.

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