LineKong Wang Feng ‘m in the online game industry ten years working record


editor’s note: This is the entrepreneur exclusive release of the blue harbor online CEO Wang Feng back to his ten years of online life, ten years of his essays. Wang Feng said, leadership, passion and learning ability is the basis for the success of entrepreneurs. Everyone is a product manager; the so-called geek, is a bit interested in concentrated perfectionist. These contents, it is worth learning in the Internet, the peak of the business to continue to climb and learn from.


I worked in the online games industry for ten years

in the morning of April 27, 2013.

yesterday. With the most mobile gaming industry in Beijing, the people eat together. Back on the road, a little emotion. This summary of some of the side of my business for six years in blue.

is the kind of forget some nagging, nagging.

we live six years. From the hottest end of the tour listed tide to get $20 million investment. After experiencing the end of winter tour, the rise of the page tour and the outbreak of hand travel. I was involved in it. We have developed over the issue of the large end of the travel journey to the west, and the mercenary world monthly nearly 10 million of the end of the tour "light of dawn", produced flying west, Huoying world and the current monthly 10 million "Three Kingdoms", also made in this month 20 million water "Excalibur".

past wind.

before that, I spent ten years in jinshan. From the 50 to the time of the resignation of the 1500 people, I have experienced the dream of all the pain and joy of start-up companies.

since 2003, I have been in charge of the game business in Jinshan, SVP, together with the game studio, operational services and marketing, up to 1000 people.

during the period of SARS in 2003, Lei Jun and me in his office every day to smoke, worried, afraid of Kingsoft Internet once again hit the line of life and death days choice. Determined to do network game, I still remember my company in the general assembly of the impassioned. At that time, I have decided to company of Phoenix reborn jedi.

Prior to

, I am responsible for Kingsoft division in 2001, when I was the general manager today, "core technology" 3 Jian Wang Jinshan Chen Feizhou, then is the technical director of me, "the storm" founder Feng Xin, is my marketing director.

yesterday was April 26th, I asked my colleagues to know what the day is a major event, no one answered, I said that the outbreak of the CIH virus on the day, many people on the day of the PC motherboard to the virus invaded BIOS destroyed.

these pictures, I’ll never be able to eliminate in my mind. When the tube antivirus, I and the people who buy the virus to the lake. The Ministry of public security and network professionals to make friends. I can call directly coercion dealers. Antivirus war, I was

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