Share the experience and skills of operating crown navigation network for half a year

talk about Taobao guest we will never be strange, it was born in 2009 or so, formerly known as Ali mother, now we call it Taobao. Because there is no limit of promotion, that is to say as long as others through your commodity promotion connection the purchase of the goods you have divided, so the majority of the webmaster Wangzhuan welcome. The author because of my friend’s reason, also joined Taobao off the army in the first half, but due to intense competition, so the first half of this year the Amoy road was not easy, but also from gain a lot of experience and lessons, today the author here to share with you the summary, I hope you do not master.

let’s start with why we choose to do the Taobao website navigation class. In the last year, I have just come into contact with Taobao also made a few stops, API kind of site operation, single page long tail word has done, and even returned to the class has done. But due to lack of experience, too much competition "are all the time," I have been thinking of a problem, first of all that API site, this site no readability of the content page and the content are commodity promotion information, a visitor to your website trust degree is very low, in addition since they want shopping in Taobao, why do you want to your site by shopping, go directly to the Taobao home page is more convenient. Besides single page promotion, this kind of method is still very good, but in the absence of any website optimization experience of novice, even then a small index long tail word optimization is not easy. So the author later chose to do a real practical value for visitors to Taobao off site, wondering at Baidu’s 123 navigation network to find inspiration, so later gave birth to the Taobao crown navigation network today.

and then we’ll talk about the experience. In the construction site, the author in the choice of server under the relentless effort, because I died several stops before, half of the reason to the server is not stable, every two or three days a problem. So the quality of the server and a long-term profit and development of the site is essential, and finally the author took a fancy to a VPS independent IP host. In the choice of domain name, the author was going to follow 123 domain names, but found that such domain name has been registered as an empty head, a word I use your website name Pinyin later made a domain name, is given to the user memory, two is the search engine more friendly.

host domain name to get it, let us say the next six months to promote the specific experience. The promotion of two words is simple, but the actual operation is not easy, in addition to persevere every day, but also have enough patience, because can have this kind of thing is not the promotion effect at the beginning of this with the pregnancy, the effect is slowly show. The author in the promotion of the use of Baidu know and Search ask questions such as platform, after the test, Baidu know the effect over Soso Ask, but in the operation difficulty of the latter is more suitable for beginners. In addition to the use of soft Wen promotion is not too

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