And the blog to get traffic

first, do Wangzhuan friends you can build one or 20 in the blog Hexun, build a theme name, you can go to Baidu search is a hot word, in words, ranking in more than 2 million novels, for example: as the blog’s name, so that it can easily be included in Baidu, the is a little

second: add some circle of friends, circle of friends and the more the better, also add some circles, because some circles there are at least dozens, hundreds of the biggest, you published an article every 4 or 5 circles will bring many flow;

third: circle of friends home better why, friends read your article will return card in your blog, I will also bring you flow in the circle post discuss the problem will also bring you connect with flow;

fourth: do some connection, do more even and even, even outside and outside means such as Sina, even in the circle of friends and is connected, if you must upload every day 20 article above, the total to 1000 article, so that your daily flow will be more than 10 thousand;

if you have the time, every day to upload 10 videos, including movies, TV; like that video article, as long as we persist for one or two months, so your flow will increase tens of thousands, this is what I do this a few years and the blog some observations and experience, in addition, to do the optimization in each upload a text, as the title of the article optimization, optimization of the title is looking for key words do title, article will find some key words, but not more than 8%.

fifth: optimization about the label, the label for Baidu and Google search engine is the key, you must be the theme of the article on the label is consistent, but the label also must use a keyword, such as my beautiful blog, I in some articles which is used for the keyword eye as to the label, and the blog also has a knack for me to tell you, and the administrator back every day recommend a number of articles on the home page, if your article can be on the front page, it will bring tens of thousands of traffic to you, then how to make your article on the front page? If it is original, you every day: the article before 5:30 in the afternoon, and the top 12 votes, may cause the attention of the administrator, the administrator then said, see you see you have the title tag after you see The article feels very good, you will recommend the article on the home page, as well as you also want to strengthen the communication and communication with the administrator, and administrators do a good job, it is also a good place to do a good job flow.

sixth: if you are a collection of pictures or pictures to reprint your best picture edit, use their own language to edit images with the lure of the text, and it is easy to be included, but also can bring a lot of traffic, and the blog has a boss, you may wish to see him do it, his name is a man of vision, he uploaded every day 10 articles that persisted for 2 years, and now he.

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