Google Adsense name, more bad than Baidu strong alliance!

Google Adsense application address:

1 Google Adsense advertising first theorem

only by clicking the ads to count the money.

This means that the default

2 Google Adsense advertising second theorem

only of interest to the user the user will click on the content

when users see your article, if relevant Java training information seen in the literature on the page, he will not click, but if the ads are literary friends, literary journals, the effect is much better.

3 Google Adsense advertising third theorem

Chinese at any loophole, a sound business rules as long as in the Chinese market, immediately changed the taste, such as traditional Alexa ranking. Note that Google Adsense is not your personal means of living, and it’s much better to spend more energy on other meaningful things than to find a way to cheat.  

AdSense startup process is very simple. According to the following steps, you can start and execute AdSense code on your own web page, ready to get 15 minutes or less! This guide will guide you through the complete process of logging in to your account and generating the ad code and adding it to the web page. To make full use of this guide, please read, print it out, and in the process of setting the account at your fingertips.


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