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Chinese to join one of the earliest and most profitable, in the industry under the new situation, to face the reality of the revaluation.

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in Suzhou Street Scandinavia building 16 floor office, UC as chairman and CEO Yu Yongfu in the face of "entrepreneur" magazine once said: "a year since my attitude has been very clear that UC is not for sale." This is UC’s Beijing office with more than 100 employees. UC 1500 employees, mostly in Guangzhou away from Beijing.

interview that day is catching up with the 38 women’s day, UC from the outside looking for a photographer, to take pictures of female employees.

Baidu’s acquisition of UC scandal has been passed for a long time. The media widely circulated version, Baidu and UC holdings reached agreement before the Spring Festival, valued at approximately $1 billion 200 million, but was only a rumor. The parties to the Silent Takeover attitude as in the past, Baidu acquired UC insists no matter.

analysts believe that Baidu’s acquisition of UC is to seize the entrance position of the mobile Internet, make up for the lack of their own mobile Internet layout. UC as one of the first wave of mobile Internet enterprises have had a glorious past, Saipan era is almost the only choice of mobile phone users on the internet. But in a new generation of intelligent terminal era, facing the strong impact of local App and other mobile phone browser on the market share of fierce competition, the development prospects are not clear, want to find a good shade tree".

was born in 1976, Yu Yongfu looked older than some, a round face, a little fat. By the end of 2006 he parachuted into investment by Lenovo UC, when He Xiaopeng and Liang Jie led the UC team only 923 person, extremely tight funds, the financing plan is almost all of the country’s top VC said "No".

Yu Yongfu and Lei Lei said, very personal, Yongfu do what he support. The UC to get the first pen angel investment, Lei Jun 2 million yuan.

in accordance with the conclusion of Yu Yongfu, non selling means, first, UC entrepreneurs are the company’s largest shareholder, this thing can not be shaken. Yu Yongfu said that he is very clear that, to start an enterprise to develop, must have a soul, is to clear the owner; a lot of large enterprises such as NOKIA, the rapid collapse is because