How much is the number of early start-up companies controlled


| Yang Xuan

When I asked

who came to me to talk about the financing of the project, to take money to do, one hundred percent will have a reason, is to increase the number of people.

this reason is understandable, the company to develop, employees have to increase. But the number of people in each stage, how many people can manage, this problem may need to be very serious thinking.

look at Ni Dong a micro-blog:

, a lot of entrepreneurs in the money into the VC, will spend the first year to raise funds 50%-80%, then second years to spend the rest of the money. They will be ambitious to raise funds to do three things: 1 to expand the office or move the luxury office of up to $2, a substantial increase in the cost of hiring huge marketing costs of 3. After that, they have no money, and on the edge of life and death. A lot of entrepreneurs, because they have to spend too quickly regret!

said that in fact very reasonable, may be the reason for the failure of thousands of entrepreneurs, but took the investment and failure of the majority of the company have gone this way.

, a start-up company in each stage how many people, the problem is more complex, need to case by case, but the salt technology columnist think, there are several day most startups are applicable, welcome to explore:

1 co-founder of not more than 3 (unless the start is a star class projects, similar to millet).

2 did not get the investment, if there are profitable business, the number of not more than 10, if there is no profit business, the number of not more than 5.

3 after getting the first investment, no more than 5 million yuan, such as no customer service and a large number of sales staff, the number of not more than 15.

EOE Jin Yan wrote this passage, for your reference:

is the number of start-up companies, to help friends and I always start, first I also puzzled why a company to do something, you need a dozen? Why CEO how a cut, cut in half the number of companies inside what? Even front, HR, have their own to do. Later, slowly understand that the original number is not a necessary condition for success on the road, the number of people in some cases even inversely proportional to the success of the start-up company. I know a friend, very interesting, he said, Jin Yan, I summed up a start-up company to improve the efficiency of the formula 3 times, I listened to listen, I feel quite so. At least very interesting, people can understand the reference, do not understand people can win a smile.

entrepreneurial companies to improve the efficiency of 3 times the empirical formula:

1, assuming that the original company has 50 people, low efficiency, always feel understaffed. The boss of every department is always quarreling.

2, send away 1>