Double Eleven how beautiful the data again Grassroots entrepreneurs are busy busy

November 11, 2014, "double eleven" party, according to the data provided by the Alibaba, in just the first two minutes of the Tmall platform sales of more than 1 billion, once again set a "record double eleven", behind the prosperity of the beautiful figures, some shop owners has lamented Taobao is no longer the previous Taobao., for grassroots entrepreneurs but also is a dream.


this is a friend from the resignation of the United States to start thinking.

is said to have 11 pairs of Taobao for the past 6 years. This year, Taobao made its own, in the double 11 on the eve of some of the ideas.

commercial forces encounter Internet

went to double 11 a year. Year after year lively.

the year before last Jingdong Ali war, to the universal popularity of the concept of online shopping.

last year before the listing of Ali mobile Internet tide, the main mobile terminal turnover;

Ali listed this year is the first year, began the concept of global shopping.

lamented the power of business to bring wireless innovation capabilities, so that we have a new way to play every year.

had to admire Ma ordinary day to create such a national shopping festival. So that the national consumer management agencies for the holiday system introduced a number of business rules.

online Jingdong, Dangdang, Suning, Gome, Amazon and so did not leak.

line mall along with the big electricity supplier platform does not say, bank financing, recharge recharge street stores have double 11 concepts.

this is the business impact of the internet. Each individual or organization is full of vitality, no boundaries, unlimited expansion, unlimited connectivity, the achievements of a brilliant.

Taobao entrepreneurship is a dream, this dream is very difficult, but still have some

Taobao venture was a few years of grassroots dream. Because this is a low starting point and relatively fair environment. Also did a lot of people’s entrepreneurial dream. But today, when everyone is optimistic about the market competition is fierce.

2008 years ago, the intention to do should not be poor;

2008 to 2010, a little sense of marketing to spend money to buy traffic can also be

2011, the competition is fierce.

2012, the traditional brand to speed up the line, brand accumulation and resource inputs can not be compared to the new brand.

how many roots of broken dreams, even because of the expansion of production capacity or stockpile the backlog of funds fracture debt, regret the Taobao business.

so many things not to finally win or lose. No one knows what’s going to happen next, especially when things are changing so fast

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