Entrepreneurial Guide how to become a SEO entrepreneurial leader

SEO business, every webmaster must have heard such words with. Yes, SEO industry is also a mall, entrepreneurship is a war without smoke. If you want to succeed, you must be able to occupy the strategic heights of the SEO industry, and then consider how to get a larger territory. Especially for the small cost of independent entrepreneurs, SEO entrepreneurship is not simple, very complex inside. It’s hard to face a lot of hard work. If I am afraid unavoidably, even if there is SEOER cannot be gotten around to superhuman powers. Therefore, in the SEO field, seize the key, occupy the strategic heights, winning is the only proper course to take the enemy.

venture STEP ONE: the direction is one, the others are zero

entrepreneurship is based on entrepreneurial orientation, it can be said that the direction is one, the other is zero. Only with the first one, followed by the zero meaning, to become a huge number. Only to find the right direction, and then go on to make sense. But the simple truth is that each new owners would think so, but did not find a suitable direction. In fact, to find a good direction, is not without signs, there are two main lines can help entrepreneurs find the direction. Is a popular direction: as long as the charge of the treasure, will be able to ask for the moon. For example, weight loss is always a big flow, girls want to lose weight is quick, so in the diet industry, health and weight loss has been a very popular topic. But science has proved that if we want to take into account the health, weight loss is definitely not fast pace. But in recent years, with the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to life, health and weight loss degree of heat will rise steadily. Popular and promising direction has several characteristics, is less stable, but supporters of broad prospects but there is no breakthrough. As long as you can find popular direction, it is absolutely a good opportunity of Longmen carp. The two is a byproduct of the giant: the shoulders of giants beautiful scenery. For example, online shopping is a big stream, but it is very unwise to compete with Taobao. Specialized brand name discount is the only product is a typical case, the same is the sale, the only product on the special brand name discount. Taobao is also selling brand, but Taobao’s range is too large, it is difficult to take into account all the minor details, which gave the only product development space. The so-called Great trees are good for shade., this is the truth, something big is big website, some of the remaining things can all the minor details, by the independent entrepreneurs to make up.

venture essence: one minute on the stage takes ten years of


entrepreneurship is a process that sometimes seems once famous, the sweat of their actual count. Recall the childhood dream, is not what suddenly found himself did not do it? At that time, everything is possible, but later I slowly forget this dream. But now for the new Adsense, everything is still unknown, everything is possible. This time can no longer make a mistake when the child is not sensible, once again attracted attention by other things, can not insist on, forget the

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