Operating experience of weight loss Taobao website

the sea is from the second half of 2008 started off Taobao, also is one of the owners earlier in this industry, is now the heady for more than half a year earlier (the PID earlier than I don’t joke my brother webmaster, ha ha). I do Taobao off half a year before the main is to promote the store, because I think the shop promotion conversion rate is relatively high, I mainly optimize the shop name related long tail keywords at that time, because the search those shops or shop name in the search engine, are basically buying products in the Taobao store. They are Taobao customers to promote the most accurate crowd.

The sea is

from the beginning of this year to do weight loss related sites, also at the end of last year to do a weight-loss drug promotion, mainly in the diet related Baidu advertising Post Bar (mainly those who do not choose the main Post Bar, such as slimming products, slimming, Sibutramine, Bi and so on, then students) by Taobao passenger link to jump directly related to Taobao products, because reluctant to buy posting machine, so is manual hair every day, the number of posts, and then try to top up top, every night for three hours or so, the average income of a single transaction, approximately 50 yuan. Then the Spring Festival at home carefree get sick, do the first weight loss website – my current net weight.

          the website promotion is not the way to do SEO, but Baidu know where to answer in the form of promotion through the website, started on the right track to achieve profitability from March to September, has been profitable, until people began to use machines in that large-scale promotion, I will give up this promotion, the station in March to September six months cumulative profit of approximately thirty-five thousand yuan, not too much, but through the promotion of the website, the sea learned a lot outside of SEO promotion, there are many details of the harvest, for everyone to share.

Baidu know method promotion website: we search the word "current net weight" in Baidu, there will be a lot of this title contains search results, but before this website in the sea, in fact is not the title of Baidu. Choose a search engine has not yet been the result of the search terms, the biggest advantage is that it is easier to do rankings, this requires only the name of the site to optimize the line, and greatly reduce the difficulty. In the Baidu included my website, I began to know Baidu posts, many webmaster response link will be deleted, but the extension process of the sea never worry about this problem, because I was a direct "brand marketing, direct marketing is my web site name" warm weight net ", from March now, I know not the shielding site name, thus Baidu know for text advertising management is not too strict, you don’t need to worry about being punished the problem (we do not go Post Bar take this way, I go to lose weight it made a name of the site is permanently blocked, so that Baidu knows, the sea Post Bar," are relatively independent.

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