nteractive, intelligent, win-win – to create a new concept of wireless marketing

As China’s leading provider of wireless marketing services, charm Media Technology 2008 and a big move – the official launch of MMCLICK wireless advertising trading platform (http://s.u.mmclick.com/). It is reported that the platform to take a number of industry leading technology, is the first implementation of the main site independent marketing and management of the full range of intelligent system, breaking the previous owners and union of unilateral communication, realize the new idea of wireless marketing win-win interaction.   according to the assessment of the industry, the domestic existing wireless alliance platform exists the same problem, which has single function, the webmaster can keep abreast of the advertisers on information and advertising data, thus unable to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising, ultimately affect customers on line advertising confidence. And a comprehensive upgrade of advertising code through the MMCLICK wireless ad trading platform, for the same product at the same time provide three different types of advertising code, site owners can not only conveniently obtain more advertising content diversity, also can timely access to the analysis of the effect of advertising data, which has realized the true meaning of interactive wireless marketing the significance of the whole industry.   MMCLICK relevant responsible person said, we are committed to creating a new wireless marketing concept, breaking the previous communication with the Federation of the unilateral way, the introduction of the site owners and advertisers interactive function." Through the platform, the site owner can provide advertising services to sell, and advertisers can be directly to these advertising.  , in addition, the new MMCLICK wireless advertising trading platform has also created a "integral paradise" member rating services for the site owners to improve the full range of supporting services. After becoming a member, the site owners can not only obtain royalty directly through business cooperation, but also can continue to enhance the membership level and get points, points can be exchanged for the final MMCLICK rich prizes.   the new platform is the final commissioning plan at the beginning of April, officially launched.   mmclick technology officially launched wireless marketing business at the end of 2005, the current site points advertising coverage reached 50000, the average daily traffic of more than 5 million advertising cooperation, more than 200 customers, including: – SP: Rock Mobile, Shenzhen Haotian, 21CN, honland 95, TOM; – Software Categories: 3GV8, mobile phone mobile phone, network, NOKIA, big Qin; – mobile phone games: 3GUU, SOHU, song, creative game; traditional industry: 7 Days Inn, Minsheng bank.  

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