Perfect Taobao customers to promote money trick


– is the fire way to make money, do a weekly income of tens of thousands of webmaster do well the first half, just a few hundred yuan, why the difference is so big? Taobao guest website more and more, how to maximize their own profits today just off Taobao? And gw007 webmaster talk tonight. Taobao summed up his guest experience to share your reference:

why today I want to use the word "impeccable" title? Is the hope that we don’t lose confidence in the Taobao customer, choose to the method, ideas accurately, understand SEO Technology (do not understand, you can learn) absolutely impeccable point, the monthly income of million

is definitely not a dream!

I want to introduce today’s Taobao customers to promote commodities trick is to promote, not what are the promotion that is too difficult, I of course comprehensive promotion, the first half of only a few hundred dollars, I now use a variety of goods to promote daily income can get hundreds of yuan, this is the difference! How to merchandise promotion

the following detailed analysis under

1, selected to the promotion of the types of goods such as "BB cream", how many see this "BB cream" Baidu index, now how many people do Baidu for promotion, what are people doing SEO optimization promotion, competition is not fierce, and how many key words long tail word can go to promotion etc. are taken into account. So we can "BB cream" in the market well, analyze what can go to promotion.

2, the choice of the site is the main push this Taobao guest goods, add finishing good BB cream Taobao guest goods to the site inside the page get a little better, do a good job every day to update the content.

3, choose a good promotion method. About Taobao customers to promote the online articles and posts can be said everywhere, but not necessarily in the trial of every Taobao guest, I recommend is to promote the optimization of SEO, although the effect is relatively slow, but it is the most practical and stable.

4, when the site has traffic, you must consider the Taobao customer income tax to maximize the link to modify, choose a good pair of you can get twice the result with half the effort!

to speak with the facts, the following is my income, we refer to a power station, Taobao customers to promote the master took a detour!


above is only a personal recommendation, I hope you will be a lot of advice, please indicate the source reproduced!

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