Entrepreneurs note when your company encountered cyber language attacks, how to do

what happens when your company encounters an online attack? Look at the following Q & A:

Q: I was hiring an employee, he worked for a day, second days called in sick, then sick. According to our policy, if he can provide a medical certificate, we will allow him to leave, but he never provided a proof. He didn’t come to work. We had to fire him. Then he sent me a letter of accusation, and on the Twitter I and my company spread some terrible, untrue rumors.

how much should I tell my employees to share the details of the staff I am reluctant, but I still want to talk about it from my standpoint.

A: in order to offset the negative effects of the internal crisis public relations company, an important point for the leaders is to establish two-way communication mechanism firmly with employees, so that they can understand the company policies, get answers and see them as the boss. Continuous communication can build a relationship of trust, so when the attack just appears, you will experience their own things out, the pressure will be smaller. If you do not have this communication mechanism, do it right.

in this case (if possible, to convene a meeting; if your employees do not work together, they will say, e-mail) the truth clearly tell employees what they see in the news of the Twitter is false, but the former employee was fired, because he did not provide the the medical certificate materials. Then send sick leave policy to employees as a follow-up to the case. In addition, let employees know that you are happy to discuss any questions arising from the policy. However, because you respect the privacy of employees (including current and former), so you can not answer the question in the event.

you can tell your lawyer.

"be careful to maintain the privacy of former employees, the entrepreneur is right." Van Vleck Turner &, headquartered in West California,; Zaller law firm Damion Robinson said. The employee, however, took the matter to the Twitter, and did bring him some trouble. Robinson’s colleague Anthony Zaller believes that although the health problems, but if the employee published articles on the Internet to tell employers how bad to him, the employer has the right to use specific facts that will directly released in order to refute the accusations of employees". He stressed that the employer should discuss the scope provided by the staff on the facts and issues in the post, and never complained about the employee can take revenge.

Q: help is the last ditch thing for me to find on moral problems. I am afraid that any questions I have stated will be on my own or my company

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