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in recent years, the advertising alliance has become the main way to earn money, because of this, the birth of more and more advertising alliance. Advertising alliance, and can not bring convenience to the webmaster, but to a lot of webmaster added trouble. In the industry’s growing dissatisfaction with the union voice, there will always be a call to grow up the union does not speak good faith, not in accordance with the provisions of the normal settlement Commission, or there is a serious amount of money deducted phenomenon.

, however, the existence of this phenomenon, it is because the station is in a passive position, as long as the webmaster put the union code, a lot of things on the subject of them, and not too much right to speak. Especially for the small webmaster, because their website does not have too many advantages, major league will not be valued, it would have to choose the threshold low alliance, and these alliances are more or less there will be some unspoken rule. The face of this situation, the webmaster is often weak, often because of union advertisement of no effect, the webmaster will not get due to advertising costs, even the basic interests are not guaranteed, the owners more do not talk to make money.

in order to get rid of this phenomenon, many webmasters have begun to take defensive measures, including the alliance to choose advertising alliance is the most important way. It is understood that it is the first domestic advertising alliance alliance network is committed to the evaluation, because China Adsense recommend the best advertising alliance and the alliance is to expose a liar waste webmaster welcome, has become one of the most influential domestic advertising alliance network evaluation. Through the platform provided by the website, the webmaster can take the initiative in the choice of advertising alliance before the defense measures to avoid unnecessary losses. Do not talk about the integrity of the League shut out, has become the most powerful protection of the interests of the owners.

if the union industry is not standardized, the webmaster can only take defensive measures, can not do in front of the League will always be weak, such awareness should be taken seriously in the webmaster. Webmaster hard to build a website, it is to profit if the union damage to their own interests, it should take proper measures to defend. In the face of alliance, do not suffer from the weak alliance Kengpian after that, but cooperation in advance to choose good advertising alliance, the owners of the more broad sky. This article by www.lianmeng.la

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