Sweat and tears intertwined zero budget to create App 500 thousand Downloads

Bazaart (editor’s note: This article is from a social photo editing application) marketing director Gili Golander wrote in the four experience she shared his name Bazaart not authoritative marketing summed up. In her view, the marketing staff is not liar liar, but will tell the story, and understand the practice of summing up the law of the industry. The article also talked about the lack of resources in the start-up companies in the media to find a lot of difficult, Golander also experienced the same thing. She read from some of their own experience of public relations experience to sort out, we might be less impetuous, get some benefit. This article by Nexus Chinese station Zhang Jiawei (@zhangjw4) compiler.

two years ago, when I set foot on the road of entrepreneurship, every time I think of marketing, I first thought of a word are: liar liar (liars).

I grew up in the environment, the business seems to be trying to provide users with the best product experience, street advertising is full of propaganda about how great the user experience. For a long time, I tend to think that marketing is often the flashy without substance like George Clooney, who played the role of some glib.

but as time went on, as I took on the responsibility of CMO, an entrepreneurial project (others were busy programming), I began to look at the marketing staff differently. Now, they are in my eyes: the story telling people (storytellers).

marketing for startups, the budget is usually tight, or simply no budget. So what is your mission, to promote growth and get more users?.

as a marketing person, how do you accomplish this task?. With these skills, I am in the absence of budget, we will develop the application of Bazaart (a social image editing application) to download the amount from 0 to build a total of 500 thousand.

one, into a ready-made community, or relying on a mature community from my development

in the summer of 2012, we are participating in an accelerator program in New York for three months. Three months later, we have to come up with Bazaart App MVP (Most Variable Product, the smallest viable product) version. We hope to be able to make a bright spot in the roadshow.

at that time, we chose to combine the product and Pinterest, which is already a hot discussion of tomorrow’s star". This is done in order to rely on the powerful image of Pinterest resources, so that our users can be based on the image for further operation. Although our MVP function is still very limited, but already has the core of "image editing" >

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